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9th November 2015


# 3 rings, 4 rings, 5 rings, 6 rings, 7 rings, 150 minutes

Stayed up late last night so got to the studio late this morning. Nothing went spectacularly badly, though 360s and bxx weren't good. All the balance things were good though, can pretty much do 3 with the ring balance the hard way now, and getting decent runs of 4. Maybe I should go for 5 like that too.

Worked on blind kicks with 4- catching 2 in one hand in such a way I can launch them again when the ring comes back over. Flat shoes definitely help with the kicks though.

Started badly with 6, but improved a lot in about 20 min. Didn't push long runs, but a couple of about 70 clean. Pulldowns felt easy. Landed a 4 up 360 out of sync- didn't feel hard once the pattern was going, should get it in async.

7 felt good- didn't count, but probably a couple of runs over 20 catches. 7 ring pulldown, pretty pleased about that.

Finished with some 4 in each hand, then some attempts at flashing 5 in my left- 4 in the hand and the last between my legs. Good launch a couple of times, so I felt I was close, but then the skin came off my fingers despite the chalk and I started bleeding everywhere so I figured I'd stop. Still, totally worth it :)

Total practice time: 150 minutes

Location: University Sports Centre

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7b_wizard - I'd suggest fat to make the skin stretchy, instead chalk that dries and embrittles it. But I'm not sure.