Juggling Edge help pages

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How cookies are used
How account email addresses are used
How directory section (clubs, events and organisations) email addresses are used


What are hashtags?
Allowed HTML tags
How to post causal diagrams


How to record toss juggling records
How to record passing records
How to record miscellaneous juggling records


What are data tags?


HTML code to include events listings on your website


Feeds and API information


JugglingEdgeBot details

Browser mods

Juggling Edge userscripts (Greasemonkey extensions)
Juggling Edge Notifier for Chrome

Support the Juggling Edge

Ways to support the Juggling Edge

Other pages that I don't know what to do with

Sign generator - create clear and consistent signs quickly.
Juggling PDF library - a collection of various classic juggling related PDF files.
Events clash check - check your proposed dates to see if they clash with any other juggling events.
Event totals
Practice pyramid generator
List of all users
List of all awards
List of all juggling organisations
Silk juggling simulator
Uptime stats

Code stuff

Stuff I've learnt while building the Edge that might be useful to others.

Siteswap validation in PHP
MySQL integer overflow warning PHP script
Tinier Editor - the WYSIWYG editor used on the Edge
Fuzzy date input form control
How to create a good bot