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Sunday, 3 March 2024, 14:00 to 20:00


De Clinch. 's gravenstraat 53 - 4567 Clinge (NL)






The Clinch is the location for the next Juggling Day event! Head over to Clinge for an afternoon of juggling with the community. Entrance is free, no registration needed but it would be cool if you let us know you will be there!

How to get there?
Clinge is a town split in 2 by the border between Belgium and The Netherlands. Public transport is not ideal, so try to arrange a carpool. If you do come by public transport, put 'De Klinge kerk' as destination. If you let us know in advance we can pick you up there, otherwise it is a 30 minute walk to get to the venue.

There will be pizza available for dinner!
See you there

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