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Saturday, 2022-12-03, 15:00 to 23:00


Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin, Germany






After a two year absence, the Fight Night Combat end-of-year tournament is BACK!!!

The European Championships 2022 will be held at Katapult Berlin on December 3rd, and will feature the top combat jugglers from the last few years of competition.

New for this year, running alongside the open tournament, is a women's tournament. This is to showcase and help develop the top female talent in Fight Night Combat.

The event will start at 3pm for the seeding rounds, where each juggler plays one-on-one matches with every other juggler to decide the final knockout brackets.

At 8pm Katapult will open its doors to the public for the grand finals. Grab drinks from the bar and enjoy the spectacle... then stick around for the after party!

12 competitors have already confirmed their participation! Due to the unique circumstances of the last few years, jugglers have earned their invites in various ways:

Jochen Pfeiffer (Germany) - Winning EJC 2022
Bas Van de Kerkhof (Netherlands) - Winning NJF 2022
Luke Burrage (UK/Germany) - Winning BJC 2022
Krzysztof Kostera (Poland) - Ranked 1st in the 2020-2021 super season
Kilian Maidhof (Germany) - Ranked 2nd in the 2020-2021 super season
Yaron Davidovich (Israel) - non-European wildcard invite
Jasper Moens (Belgium) - 2022 results
Julius Preu (Germany) - 2022 results
Friederike Kraaz (Germany) - top ranked woman 2020
Paula Mühlmeyer (Germany) - top ranked woman 2021
Callie Lawrie (UK) - top ranked woman 2022
Merel Coppens (Netherlands) - 2022 results

A limited number of invites are still available, and will be extended to jugglers based on their participation in European combat tournaments in the final months of 2022. The exact participation numbers will be decided closer to the event. Jugglers from Russia are not receiving invites this year.

Thanks to our Patreon supporters for helping fund Fight Night Combat and the European Championships. Please consider helping out too:

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