3rd Irish Juggling Convention

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Juggling events in Ireland (√Čire)‎, 2001


Saturday, 2001-06-02 to Tuesday, 2001-06-05


Letterfrack, Co.Galway


Whats there? Facilities include GYM (Ellis hall), booked for three days, UV lights, sound system, three pubs, hostel and shop. Lovely park walks and you'll be in the heart of Connemara. Beaches and mountains near by for the outdoor juggler.

Whats happening? A juggling convention for God's sakes. Workshops of all descriptions, the likes of club swinging, club passing, contact juggling, spinning objects, 5 ball workshop, 3 ball tricks, rings, etc.

Whats it costing? A mere five pounds will get you access to the Gym, workshops and public show on the three days. £2 per day. (This goes to cover the rent for the hall).

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