FDC 2020, Finnish Diabolo Festival

(FDC 2020 to its friends)

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Thursday, 9 July 2020 to Sunday, 12 July 2020


Supiainen, Pilkontie 7, 80130 Joensuu



This is a FDC event.


Now We really can announce that at FDF2020 is happening.
So don't miss this festival of a lifetime! There will be great bands playing at sauna by the lake and some of the best diabolo players from Europe doing what they do best. So don't you dare to miss this party!!!

FDF-festival is now organized for first or for the the 14th time. You choose who You believe. FDC- festival has been the only diabolo-festival in Europe and now YOu can have true FDC experience under the re-branded name of FDF (Finnish Diabolo Festival). FDF is also one of the most significant Diabolo events in the world. At FDC2015 we had participants from 10 different countries and from four different continents.

Professional diabolo jugglers and amateur diabolo jugglers from all over the world travel to this festival to juggle diabolo, exchange tricks and have fun together.

FDF2020 will take place at a great venue in Eräjärvi, Finland, like it always has. There are two main buildings + sauna by the lake surrounded by a spacious site that includes a campsite and a festival village. The site is conveniently located right in the middle of Eräjärvi village, that has one shop and a pub. Train station at Orivesi is at approximately half an car ride from Eräjärvi. This is the place we’ll be happy to pick you up to the festival. Good travel options are to fly to Helsinki, and take a bus from Helsinki airport to Tampere. To top it all off, there is a sauna by a lake within walking distance of the festival site!

FDF is great festival for everyone! The festival program includes activities for diabolo jugglers and circus enthusiasts of all ages and all levels. There are beginners’ workshops as well as special master classes at an advanced level. The program is filled with world-class shows and performances. Even for non-jugglers there is plenty to do, and by the end of the convention they may have become diabolo jugglers too! There is even a sport event as a part of the festival called Diabolothon. Which has been orginized from 2007 as a part of FDC-festival.

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