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Swedish Juggling Convention 2019

(SJC 2019 to its friends)

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Friday, 2019-04-19 to Monday, 2019-04-22


Limmaredsvägen 2, 514 32 Tranemo



This is a Svenska Jonglörsföreningen event.


Hello everybody!

It's once again that time of the year when the Swedish Juggling Convention (SJC) is being held!
A circus convention with a bit of extra focus on juggling. Everyone is invited, regardless of circus discipline, age or skill level.

The convention is made by all of us! We encourage you to come with suggestion for workshops that you would like to attend, or maybe that you can host. There will be an open stage where anyone who wants to show something, can perform at. It’s a great opportunity to maybe practice your act in front of a live audience. If you don’t have an act to perform, you got until the convention to make one. ;)

The schedule:

We sleep in the sleeping hall, pack your mattress and sleeping bag and find yourself a cozy spot. The practice hall and the sleeping hall are both open around the clock.

The price is heavily reduced compared to previous years, but breakfast is still on us! You can pay an extra 50 SEK per dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you want to.
If you haven’t ordered dinners in the entry form but still want it for a certain day, you need to inform us no later than 12:00 the day before.
So if you want a dinner Saturday, you need to tell us before 12:00 on Friday.

-- Price --
Adult: 200 SEK
Child above 7 yo: 200 SEK

Adult: 300 SEK
Child above 7 yo: 300 SEK

Dinner: 50 SEK/meal
One day ticket: 100 SEK

Register here:

Remember that your registration is not complete until we have received the money. Remember to pay for dinners also if you have ordered i.

-- Contact --
If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the event, or send a PM to Svart Adam Solander or Jonathan Elisson Haldesjö on Facebook, or send an email to

-- Collaborations --
The Swedish Juggling Convention is in collaboration with Swedish Jugglers Association (SJF) and Tranemo Municipality.

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