British Juggling Convention 2019

(BJC 2019 to its friends)

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Harvey Haddon Sports Village Nottingham UK



This is a BJC event.


The team have decided that it will be a Bare Bones Edition!

Not sure what this means? Well here is a little explanation :

Bare Bones – meaning no frills, no organised shows, no off site events just a hall, a field and space for all your juggling fuelled imagination.

We are inviting you to make the event what you want it to be.

There will be a stage area set up with tiered seating, a stage, a sound desk and lights. If you would like to perform your act or put together a show then you can.

There will be a Workshop Wall – if you want to run a workshop then fill in the online calendar and then when you arrive make sure you fill in the card and attach it to the correct day, time and room slot.

When you get here if, for example, you want to sort out an impromptu trick share, then you need to go to the Info Desk, get some paper and pens and put up a poster on the Workshop Wall telling people when and where to go and then go for it!

The BJC has always been heralded as an event ‘for jugglers by jugglers’. In recent years it has started to become very organised and slick but for one reason or another (EJC2019) there isn’t enough time, people or money to continue with this format this year!

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