11th Swiss Juggling Festival

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Juggling events in Switzerland (Schweiz)‎, 1997

There is another SJA event coming up: 36. Schweizerisches Jonglierfestival in 2023


Friday, 1997-06-20 to Sunday, 1997-06-22


Kantonsschuler Oerlikon, Birchstrasse, Zurich



This is a SJA event.


Two halls will be available, free of charge. These will be open 24hrs a day, plus there is a cheap cafeteria. There is also an assembly hall where the Public Show will be staged on Saturday evening. Admission to the Public Show will cost 10 SF. If you'd like to be in the show (on a great modern stage), please email the contact below. Dormitories are located only 4mins walk away and will stay open all night. Caravans and Camper Vans can be parked under trees in a parking area near the dormitories. Cost of accommodation is 10SF per night. If the weather is good, there will be a parade on Saturday afternoon at 14.00 (wear colourful clothes) to the marketplace where the games will be held.

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