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This club has not been verified within the last 18 months and has been removed from the regular listings

The easiest way to get more info is by contacting Oddwheel Unicycles.

We, the Balance / Flow / Cirque communities come together once a month at Keurboom Park, Claremont. We play, share, teach, laugh but generally have fun! We welcome anyone and everyone onto the playground.

Bring your blankies
Bring your toys
Bring your playful carnie spirit
Bring your yourself, friends and family
...because we are gonna have a day filled with fun, laughter and everything playful.


Absolutely NO drums are allowed! The residents complain. Quiet, light acoustic instruments are welcome :)

Disclaimer - even carnies need rules

• All activities undertaken are at the risk of the person doing so.
• It is the responsibility of all attendees of PPS to ensure safe practice with the use and rigging of all equipment.
• Ask permission to use the 'owners' equipment.
• Ask for a lesson / guidance in the use of equipment / activity.
• Ensure all trees are protected with tree protection for slacklines.
• Consideration of blooming plant life like flowers (specifically unicycles).
• All children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. It is the responsibility of the parents / guardians to monitor your children's behaviour and ensure that they are doing activities within their limits. If the activity is outside of their skill set then it is the responsibility of the parents / guardians to ensure a lesson is given in the equipment they would like to explore.
• By no means will OddWheel Unicycles, Slackgear, Firetribe, Flow DNA, Yoyo's 4 Africa and DBA Slacklines be held liable for anything that happens at any of the Park Play Sessions.
• This gathering is purely to bring like-minded people together to share skills. By no means is this gathering monetised.
• OddWheel Unicycles will not be held liable for anything that happens at PPS. OddWheel's role in PPS is to lock off a date and location for this to be a repeat gathering. Absolutely nothing more than that.
• A permit has been allocated to OddWheel Unicycles because the amount of people attending PPS has exceeded the legal number for an informal gathering. This permit is purely to ensure that the city is aware of the gathering, the activities undertaken and the number of people attending. Please be mindful and respectful of this.


Keurboom Park, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa


Second last Sunday of the month.




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