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This club has not been verified within the last 18 months and has been removed from the regular listings

Do you juggle? Ever wanted to learn? Perhaps you just like throwing things? We totally understand. Dedicated to the pursuit of juggling and other object manipulation and flow art skills, the Bend Juggling Club hopes you’ll join us in our efforts to defy gravity and create an aerial dance of flying objects. As a side benefit, you’ll develop wicked, ninja-like catching skills.

Open to the public, all ages and skill levels. Drop in any time to learn, pass with other jugglers, or just enjoy the show. We are happy to teach you and have extra equipment for newcomers to try.


Bend, OR


This club closes for holidays. Please contact organisers before attending.

The juggling club meets intermittently at various parks around town, the odd house, or wherever the urge strikes us. Regular meetups usually happen on a weekly basis in the summer when the weather is conducive to outdoor juggling at parks. Email for times/locations or just to say hi!





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