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Orinoco -

Anyone going to the Sheffield Circus Skills Convention on Saturday will possibly hear the first bit of BJC 2018 news.

First person to report their findings back here will win 10 BJC points1

#SCSC2017 #BJC2018

1 BJC points are not redeemable for anything but they are still quite nice to collect.

The Void - - Parent

How sharp are they?

Orinoco - - Parent

Not very:

The Void - - Parent

Okay, I see your point, thanks.

Little Paul - - Parent

I was thinking along the wrong track entirely

Camborne Circus Jams -

Just listed out #CamborneCircusJams circus club in Camborne, Cornwall, Uk. Please check it out and spread the word to anyone who might be interested in our all age family session or later shared practice space.

Cheers, Ross Wheeler

John R -

Warming up: Threat or menace?

Personally I do warm up, but I don't stretch - warming up is just what it says, physically raising the temperature of the large and small muscles by increasing blood flow. Most recently I've been skipping rope for 5 minutes before juggling.

Stretching, for me, is an activity in itself - that is, maintaining and increasing flexibility and range of motion is an exercise goal in itself. Although in the long run it's got benefits for my posture, core strength, and therefore for good form, at the daily level it's pretty much irrelevant to a juggling session for me.

Best advice seems to be a ten to fifteen minute stretching session every day, while already warmed up. "Always warm up before stretching exercises. Stretch after endurance or strength exercises. If you are doing only stretching exercises, warm up with a few minutes of easy walking first. Stretching your muscles before they are warmed up may result in injury." -

James Hennigan - - Parent

I just warm up with five minutes of 3 & 4 ball juggling. I do high basic patterns, 3-ups & 4-ups.

I tried 'dynamic stretching' at the start of my practice a couple of years ago but I found the neck exercises were actually hurting my neck quite a lot (it would hurt the day after).

I know some jugglers do wrist exercises before practicing. I was once told that a lot of jugglers suffer from wrist problems, which makes sense, but I personally do not know anyone with this issue.

Cedric Lackpot -

Today is World Juggling/Apathy Day.

Therefore I urge you to do do something/nothing.

John R - - Parent

Thanks for reminding me! I turned the compost heap.

Little Paul - - Parent

Thanks for reminding me, I need to turn my heap.

Not a job I enjoy, but it does need doing!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Is it okay to turn some soil in the fields if you don't own a compost heap? I mean, it's the gesture that counts, isn't it?

Little Paul - - Parent

Well, I'm headed towards running no-dig in my garden, which would make the answer "no"

lukeburrage -

This past weekend I was in Bergamo, Italy for the Rastelli Festival 2017. I made a video. Enjoy!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

This was a nice vlog, thanks!

Orinoco -

Breathtaking acro from Duo Vladimir.

This was from Georgia's Got Talent (or საქართველო ნიჭიერში as they call it) which seems to be more circus oriented than our version.

Sydney Juggling -


Just some news from #sydneyjuggling.

A couple of weeks ago, Kenny Cheung did a 7 up 720 with balls. Twice! He is an amazingly talented juggler. Check it out on our instagram page @sydneyjuggling.

We're pretty new and just want to share our juggling adventures with people.



Colin E. - - Parent

(nitpick) 5 up ;-)

Sydney Juggling - - Parent

Kenny says it's a 7 up and I'm not going to argue with him...either way it's pretty impressive...


Colin E. - - Parent

Sorry, probably didn't make the 'winky' big enough. It is without a doubt a stunning achievement.

The Void - - Parent

Well done Kenny.

Orinoco -

New edition of Spectacle now available.

bad1dobby -

Has Object Episodes folded? The server has been timing out for a week or so.

Mïark - - Parent

Someone posted a similar question on facebook (might have been on Juggling Rock - but thanks to facebook's lack of search facilities and decision not to list posts chronologically I can't find it now) and Jay Gilligan said he was having problems with it at the moment, it sounded like they were trying to fix it so I don't think it has folded.

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

It's back up:

7b_wizard -

Neuroscience of motor learning.

IsaacDraper - - Parent

You might like 'Peak' by Eric Anders, or is it Anders Eric?

7b_wizard - - Parent

There does seem to be differing aptitudes According to the german WP article at least 52 genes (or mutations) have been identified, that have an effect on various factors of sportive performance. People are different after all ..

7b_wizard - - Parent

One more thing: phenomena like Qi, flow or harmony (also in e.g. music) are harder nuts to crack for science. So it is no wonder that from science, we get results and (more or less) well searched theories on one dimensional, causally measurable interdependencies, resulting in "If you do this, you get this or that good or bad effect." (let alone dubious guides on how to become a superhuman in three weeks).

But there's more to it, I believe. We're highly complex organisms doing highly complex stuff juggling an' all, in a frame of highly complex evolution of life on earth.   Science can only offer partly truths, hints, provisional guidelines, mosaique stones for each of us to filter individually, but not (yet) any dead solid thorough complete final utter ultimate explanation of everything, it all, us and the whole.

7b_wizard - - Parent

I knew about the neural system being dynamic, but didn't associate the term "neural plasticity" with it. Then in articles about motor learning you usually read things like "new synapses are being built" or "the brain establishes new connections" or alike without telling what exactly goes on.

I found Dendritic spines accomplish this by transforming synaptic input into neuronal output and also by helping to define the relationship between synapses. particularly interesting. Seems like this is nothing else than what we call "automizing" - in a chain of eye-brain-hand-coordination, from being actively regulating and interfering when still learning, the brain becomes like merely a ``neural transmitter´´ with hands ``doing by themselves´´ as reacting to what the eyes see (eye--(brain)--hand).

Also the "stress" paragraph could be interesting: More importantly, many of the mechanisms involved with increased memory retention, comprehension, and adaptation are thought to involve LTP and LTD [long term potentiating and long term depressing], two activity-dependent plasticity mechanisms that stress can directly suppress. If this implies (not only extrinsic stress inflicted by outer conditions or other people or society, but) selfmade stress when learning (like wanting too much, setting insane goals, doing near and above limit a lot, ..), this might be nothing else than what we in juggling call "enforcing errors" prohibiting improvement and landing on a plateau. Maybe a reason to always also do relaxed and find easier ways what I always plead for.

#science #efficiency #motorLearning #automizing #learning #improving #plateau

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