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Daniel Simu -

EP10 of JJ with Manuel Mittasch

The 10th episode of Juggle Jabber! I didn't think there would be so many when I started, but now I can't wait to work on the next 10! There might not have been a single interview ever without the Edge, so thank you guys :)

As always, comments and feedback are welcome in any form!

Mike Moore -

Overcame a mental barrier

Was having a horrible time beating my personal best of 120 catches of 7b. After ~forever, I finally snapped that mental barrier and got three runs of >150 catches today.

No deep conversation necessary, just happy :)

The Void - - Parent

Well done!

It's Him -

In the ongoing aim to promote a juggling convention just outside Milton Keynes, I am happy to start another thread.

People who use Facebook will possibly be aware of (maybe even invited to) the MKJC8 event on the Milton Keynes Juggling Convention page. The event page is where all the latest news will appear first but eventually I will transfer the information here as well.

So far announcements that have been made:

The main trader has changed from Beard or Butterfingers (both of which are sadly no more) and will this year be JAC. Gale Francis will also be there selling her FunRa's Fun Things.

The first act of the show will be no surprise to anyone who has ever been to MKJC before.

The second announced act is Void. As he is on the juggling edge (and I really wanted to capitalise there) he can tell you as much as he wants to about his act.

Further acts will be announced in due course and if all of those people who have said provisionally yes appear in the show it will be a great line up.


No longer the organiser


JonPeat -

The Berlin Juggling Convention - Review

I went to the Berlin Convention.
Lots of things happened.
I wrote about them here:

Cheers, Jon

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Thanks for making me feel like I was there!

Thanar -

Here is a playlist of the records broken or set in the World Record Challenge at the Guelph Juggling Fest 2017.

3 ball lazies: 2 minutes and 7 seconds by Matan Presberg
3 ball shoulder throws: 204 catches by Jorden Moir
3 ring backcrosses: 183 catches by Matan Presberg
3 club flats: 10 minutes and 42 seconds by Nick Thomas

4 ball lazies: 54 catches by Matan Presberg
4 ball box: 3 minutes 57 seconds by Matan Presberg

7 balls isolated: 1 minute and 43 seconds by Matan Presberg
7 ball 867: 188 catches by Matan Presberg
7 ball claw: 7 catches by Nick Thomas

9 ball reverse: 16 catches by Matan Presberg

Foot juggling
3 ball: 1 hand & 1 foot: 56 catches by Jorden Moir
4 balls: 2 hands & 1 foot: 142 catches by Jorden Moir

Speed juggling
4 ring speed: 232 catches in 1 minute by Nick Thomas
6 ball speed: 312 catches in 1 minute by Matan Presberg

Slow juggling
3 ring slow: 32 catches in 1 minute by Sydney MacDonald
4 ring slow: 76 catches in 1 minute by Sydney MacDonald
4 ball slow: 63 catches in 1 minute by Nick Thomas

Mike Moore - - Parent

Yeehaw! Thanks again for coming!

Orinoco - - Parent

+ Number of records set or broken at a single festival: 17?

That is an impressive set of records, congrats to all those involved.

Mike Moore - - Parent

18 last year at Guelph fest! I guess we're going down hill (I blame myself...I didn't set/break any this year. Too much running the fest, not enough juggling).

There was a world record challenge at IJA 2013, too. It looks like a subset of the broken records is available here:

I don't know the total number of records broken there.

Thanar - - Parent

I've still got one video left to upload (Sydney MacDonald with 16 min of 4b full reverse fountain), so it should end up as 18 records for WRC at Guelph Fest 2017.

As to previous World Record Challenges...

The first WRC was in 2010 at WJF 5. Prizes were only for surpassing existing duo numbers passing records.

In 2011 there were WRCs at WJF 6 and the IJA festival. The records expanded to solo numbers juggling records in addition to two-person numbers passing (i.e. the records tracked on the Juggling World Records Wikipedia page at that time). The prize for "missing records" was also introduced to encourage jugglers to attempt a flash or better of passing 17 rings or solo force bouncing 11 balls, the only two records considered missing at the time!

WRC 2013 was at the IJA fest in Bowling Green, OH. The records expanded to everything tracked by Juggle Wiki. Missing records were greatly expanded with minimums set for each, based on discussions I had with Alex Lubker. About 28 records were set or broken by a wide range of jugglers, with Thomas Dietz breaking the most.

Then came the WRCs at Guelph Mini-Fest 2016 and Guelph Fest 2017.

Tomorrow another WRC begins at JuggleMIT 2017, so stay tuned...

Mike Moore - - Parent

What you're saying is 28 records in one fest is the one to beat. I'll have to start training for the next time the WRC comes to a fest I'm attending!

Mike Moore - - Parent

Actually, I'll train especially for if you come to the next Guelph fest. It needs more people/publicity! (and I really thank you for helping with that)

James Hennigan - - Parent

I haven't watched the entire video, but I think Gatto does 7 for about 10 minutes without moving his feet here:

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Such a nice idea to set these records at the convention! I've been thinking about setting a few records lately, but I can't get the motivation to actually film them or practice tricks which I could run over a minute... In a convention/group setting I'd feel less awkward to try and less pushy to post, yet we'd still stretch juggling as we know it!

I might try and introduce this at some convention here in the EU in the future :)

And congrats on the results too!

Orinoco -

Few new modifiers for records section:

+slack : on a slackline
+heli : (clubs only) helicopters
+borz : with a Borzykine pole

Austin, your 'up the back' records is that Komei Aoki's pinball style but behind your back?

JonPeat -

The Karlsruhe Juggling Convention - Review

I went along to the Karlsruhe Juggling Convention.

It was really good fun, read about it here:

If you enjoyed the review or not, please let me know. I find it interesting to know if anyone reads them... ;-)

Cheers, Jon

Dee - - Parent


I love your convention reviews, partially as they would be how my dad would do it (everything in the context of what was for the nearest meal!)

JonPeat - - Parent

Thank you Dee! I worried that I glossed over the meals a bit in this one. ;-)

Orinoco - - Parent

Just going to read this now, if it doesn't mention at least 4 different types of sausage I'm going to be disappointed.

Orinoco - - Parent

Not a sausage :(

Sorry Ed's convention got off to a poor start, hope things got better for him.

JonPeat - - Parent

I don't really want to spoil it... but I do feel it is my duty to let you know that my next review also does not have a sausage in it.

Fingers crossed for Camvention! ;-)

The Void -

Donald Grant clicking. D'ye ken?

Orinoco -

"Not terribly pretty"

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Useless fecking loser needs TWO hands to catch the last one! What a pathetic waster, he's going nowhere fast.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Queer .. I saw nothing, only a still picture of the solar system with a tiny lightblue brahman hovering a handwidth above ground on Jupiter. Guess, my subconscience did that to protect me.

The Void - - Parent

Not bad if you like that sort of thing. Not bad at all.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I flashed 8 balls today. I was bored, had to wait 15 minutes, there were some cheap beanbags lying around... I don't even juggle beanbags, ugh! Worst of all, I did it after only 5 minutes of trying so then I had to kill another 10 minutes somehow..

Where are my cool points?

The Void - - Parent

On the other side of the pillow.

peterbone - - Parent

Three cycles. That's got to be some kind of landmark. Amazing how the pattern seems less clean than most of his previous records. It sounds like he's changed balls and is using ultraleather ones for 11 now.

Orinoco -

You can now import events from Facebook.

That is all.

Coo, been a while since we've had a #NewFeature. There have been quite a few changes, just nothing worth announcing.

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