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9th June 2017

Stephen Meschke

# vision research, 1 minutes

Read a couple of papers:

Functional Analysis of Juggling Trajectories (

Using the OPTITRACK, measurements of the position of a hand during juggling were taken. Different from my approach of measuring the position of the balls. An interesting graph was the velocity and acceleration of the hand. So far, I have only been looking at position, but I should make graphs that show velocity and acceleration as well.

Analysis of juggling data: Landmark and continuous registration of juggling trajectories:

Uses the same data set as the previous paper. The average cycle time in this data seat is 712 milliseconds. Some cycles were faster, and some slower, due to variations in how high the balls were thrown. This paper explains how to register all the cycles to a constant 712 milliseconds.


Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Linux

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