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Welcome to the Pre-Registration for EJC 2019 - Newark.

Here you can buy tickets and merchandise for EJC 2019, the earlier you pre-register the more it helps EJC organising team to plan a better convention.

EJC 2019 will be 3-11 Aug 2019, these tickets are for all 9 days and include camping and shows as well as much, much more.
See EJC 2019 website: for more details.

If you have any problems registering you can e-mail , but please bear in mind that we are all volunteers.

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Please scroll down the list and choose the correct ticket option.

We have five different types of tickets:

Mega-Supporter - this is an opportunity to pay the on the door price in advance, this would help the EJC a lot.
Supporter - this is an opportunity to pay a little bit more so the EJC can afford to let people buy concession tickets.
Standard - this is just a standard week ticket.
Concession - this is for people who cannot afford to pay the standard price week ticket
"Pay in two Instalments" - This year there is the chance to pay in two instalments - be sure to choose that ticket if this is how you want to pay. Please read the terms carefully and note this ticket can only be paid for by bank transfer.

For the purpose of this event it is the age you are on the 3rd August 2019 that determines whether you need a Adult, Youth or Child ticket.

There will be two performances of the Gala Show on Saturday, 10 August, so you have the option to go to afternoon show or the evening show (both shows will be the same). If you change your mind there will be opportunities to swap your Gala Show tickets with other attendees once you are at the event.

Adult Tickets

9 day ticket, including all shows and camping. The Gala Show will be held on Saturday 10th August 2019.

Product image

Adult 18 + Full Price - Mega Supporters Ticket - € 225.00  

If you can afford to support the EJC by buying the ticket at the final price then you will be loved by the team forever!

Product image

Adult 18 + Phase 3 - Standard Ticket - € 200.00  

Youth Tickets

9 day ticket, including all shows and camping. The Gala Show will be held on Saturday 10th August 2019.

Age is to be counted on the 3rd August 2019; ie. the 10-17 year old tickets are for people born between 4th August 2001 and 4th August 2008.

Product image

Youth 10-17 years - Phase 3 - Standard Ticket - € 100.00  

Product image

Child - Aged 0-9 Free Ticket - FREE  

Please remember to choose a ticket for the youngest members of your family.

Knowing how many young people will be coming will help us with our planning.

This ticket is for people born on 4th August 2010 or later.


So we can ensure to get the correct quantities, choose from our wonderful merchandise below:

Check sizes at

All merchandise must be collected during the EJC 2019 event.


The EJC 2019 T-Shirt comes in three colours - red, white(ish) and blue, with the fantastic EJC 2019 logo on the front.

Product image

EJC 2019 - T-Shirt - Red - € 20.00  

Product image

EJC 2019 - T-Shirt - Grey - € 20.00  

Product image

EJC 2019 - T-Shirt - Blue - € 20.00  


All hoodies feature:

Zipped Front
Contrast flat lace drawcords
Kangaroo style pouch pocket
Right hand side pocket has small hidden opening for earphone cord feed
Hidden ear phone loops

Product image

EJC 2019 - Hoodie - Red - € 35.00  

Red hoodie with white inside hood

Product image

EJC 2019 - Hoodie - Grey - € 35.00  

Grey hoodie with blue inside Hood

Product image

EJC 2019 - Hoodie - Blue - € 35.00  

Blue hoodie with white inside hood.

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Remember, every penny counts - so please pay by bank transfer wherever possible. Paypal (credit card) should be the last resort!