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1463 catches 2017-01-161468 throws.
1185 catches 2017-01-061187 throws, 2.nd last dropped. One collision amidst saved back to pattern.
1098 catches 2017-01-041099 throws, 1 last drop.
1084 catches 2016-04-06Nearly ¾ year from >500 to >1,000. - Assuming crash on 5.th last of 1089 throws. Ugly, unclean with two or three nudges bailed out amidst run. Using Bubble Balls, 80g, outdoors.
954 catches 2016-04-04Assuming first drop (crash) on 5.th last throw. Unclean with slight collision bailed out amidst run, also. Using 50g soft beanbags.
932 catches 2016-02-13(soft 50g beanbags). 937 throws.
907 catches 2015-11-27assuming earliest drop on 5.-th last of 912 throws (think 't was 910 c)
874 catches 2015-11-18assuming earliest drop on 5.-th last throw of 879 throws. Collision saved in between.
854 catches 2015-11-05859 throws, assuming earliest drop 5.-th last throw
766 catches 2015-10-30assuming earliest drop at 5.-th last throw of 771 throws lowest estimation, maybe even 854 catches
699 catches 2015-10-23
628 catches 2015-10-07assuming drop was from 5.-th last throw counted. Also unclean with one or two saved collisions.
510 catches 2015-08-03assuming earliest drop of 515 throws was max 5th last throw
499 catches 2014-04-10from old note: "PR ca. 500 c"