Terix's practice log for 16th April 2018

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16th April 2018


3 balls, 4 balls, learning, practising, 86 minutes

Just learning and practising 3b and 4b basic tricks
Weather is so bad and I have so much duties, but finally I have found at least few minutes to juggle as earlier
Pain in right hand because of injury and a little weak wrists because of juggling with heavy MMX
Trying to do penguin catches while juggling 4b fountain
Learning froggy style, blind juggling on the back and on the belly, crossarm cascade, practising bxx, MM
Practising Ihavenoideahowisthistrickcalled on the left hand (it is Shuffle or N-box, but probably the second one - still too lazy to find it :D)

Total practice time: 86 minutes

Location: At home

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