Stephen Meschke's practice log for 12th June 2018

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12th June 2018

Stephen Meschke

3-7 balls, 5 clubs, 1 minute

Training went well, and a few people were sitting on the grass watching me.

I finished my training session with a short run of 5c triples (to collect). While I was walking back to my bag to pack things up, one of the children watching me said, "I wonder what he is going to do next." The statement was not directed toward me, but I replied anyway.

I said, "I am going to go eat dinner, see you later."

One of the parents in the group said, "Good job."

It was super awkward for me because it felt like she was congratulating me on my plan to eat dinner.

Also ran 7 balls for 21 catches (to collect) for some dude's insta.

5-7 balls, 3-5 Clubs, 60 minutes

Ran 7b for 209 throws. PR for outside.

Ran 5c for 100 catches to collect on second try.

Total practice time: 61 minutes

Location: Park

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