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31st October 2015


# nothing much, 2 minutes

threw a ball up into the air and caught it again........feeling sick again today.........

Total practice time: 2 minutes

Location: home

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30th October 2015


# club, 30 minutes

feeling better today:)

worked on Alberts with only 1 club.......

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: home

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29th October 2015


# 3 balls, 2 minutes

still sick:(

practised 3 balls for 3 mins and 3 secs;)

Total practice time: 2 minutes

Location: home

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28th October 2015


# sick, posting old records, 2 minutes

I feel SO sick today:( I have a really bad soar throat, ear ache, head ache, my ears are plugged, my freaking nose is plugged!!!! I'M DYING!!!!!!!

anyway......I'm going to go through my video camera on my laptop and post some "records"......And then I'm going to watch some juggling youtube videos, eat lunch, and experiment with JTV.......

Total practice time: 2 minutes

Location: home

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25th October 2015


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, 6 balls, 7 balls, 8 balls, 9 balls, RUNNING FAST!!!!!!, 200 minutes

did everything that I practise......

at midnight last night I did some street running.......Now, street running at midnight is probably the greatest way to run because:

1. you feel like Batman sprinting down streets that have people's houses lining them

2. the adrenalin of the threat of "danger" pumps you up, which means you run faster. In my neighbourhood especially the danger is real, because there are often white dudes doing drug deals in dark parking lots.......Not to mention the guys who hang out in dark places and wait for people to pass so they can yell abuse at you....I'm to fast for them to see me;) So they never bother me.....

3. There's barely anybody around so you can sprint like your life depends on it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it when people comment on my running......I like it when there's nobody around.....

Last night I swear I broke Bolts record......I must have been going at least 40 miles per hour!! It sure felt like it;)

Total practice time: 200 minutes

Location: outside, home

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18th October 2015


# everything!!, 200 minutes

good practise at home!

good practise at park! ;)

Alright, I had an encounter at the public park......."sigh".......Why can't people leave me be? I was standing out of the way!! And it's strange that the only people who try to talk to me are older guys who can juggle 3 balls for 2 seconds, and girls who are wandering around just being your average American.......I shouldn't juggle in public parks anymore....However, today I took orins advice and I actually was polite and I didn't con my way out of it........."cough" "cough"........Here's what went down.

Random person: "oh my gawd how many balls are you juggling????"
Ethan: "7!!"
Random person: "wow, that's really cool!!"
Ethan: "thanks"
Ethan thinks to himself: "damn, people are impressed easily"
Random person: "I wish I could juggle....But I have really bad hand eye coordination...."
Ethan: "I doubt it!" *throws random a ball and random catches it*

And then for the next 13 mins I taught random how to juggle 3 balls!! I think I broke a record, because she got 5 catches within 10 mins!!! I wonder if Anthony Gatto was able to juggle 3 balls within a few seconds???

Total practice time: 200 minutes

Location: home, park

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17th October 2015


# 5 balls, 6 balls, 7 balls, 8 balls, 9 balls, 10 balls, 11 balls, clubs, rings, 200 minutes

good practise...

I just discovered this cool thing I can do with my youtube videos...I can make myself look like a drawing/sketch. I think from now on my videos are going to look like that, or slightly look like name will be the "Sketch Artist".....

Total practice time: 200 minutes

Location: home

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15th October 2015


# 3 balls, 5 balls, 30 minutes

nothing new......

Wow! I have more youtube views from Sweden then I have in the United states!!! I'm confused..........Why Sweden??

# 5 balls, 3 minutes

5 ball reverse:

# encore??, 7 balls, 10 minutes

good practise to finish the day........

But now I think it's time to get a hat trick........2 new "records" under my belt......And I think it's time for an encore. Which one to choose? hmmm.......

Total practice time: 43 minutes

Locations: home, garage

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9th October 2015


# relaxation, 1 ball, 3 minutes

worked on 1 ball for about 3 mins.....caught it in my left, then caught it in my right then caught it on my relaxing......

My painting is coming along well, the blurry trees are nice and blurry........I'm beginning to like the colour orange, it's a very nice colour for leaves on trees........anyway......

forgot to post my triple record from a few days ago...I quickly clipped and edited it today while I was lounging around....

Watched alexander koblikov vids and some Lewis Kennedy vids.......then I watched ilya polyakov's "triple under - Skipping tricktionary"..................I swear he has springs in his shoes...............

Total practice time: 3 minutes

Location: home

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8th October 2015


# 3 balls, 3 minutes

This is about as far as I got in my practise:

It shook me up and it freaking hurt my back.......I think I yelled "DAMN IT" or "@#$% it" when I fell;) luckily I didn't video it with sound;)

# ponderings of an injured juggler, 2 minutes

ahhh.....painting is fun.........

any are some thoughts I had while painting and listening to yo yo ma....

What is that thingy orin uses for his profile icon?? hmmmmm...

The world has enough resources to build a utopia......why don't we just work together and stop being greedy?

Why in America are the poor taxed more then the rich??? It's like being stuck in a hole and not being able to get out (god damn America).

If peterbone were to juggle 15 balls would his head explode?

Is there life somewhere else in our universe?

Was there a juggler way back in Egyptian times who could juggle 20 balls?

Am I really alive?

Total practice time: 5 minutes

Location: home

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