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7 balls, 40 minutes

( 6 Beaufort and rain, earlier. gloves. )
Without 5b warmup, just stretch and limber up, went right into ..
7b casc - ~40 min. ___ ( wind and rain came up again .. ) [ daily7b III: 33 ]

5prop mix, 3 balls, #blind, devilsticking, #StagesOfLearning, #technique, #focus, 3 clubs basics, 182 minutes

10' - devilsticking - upto 4 tictocs to drop.
#SoL #technique #focus(ses)
my experiences with that devil° upto now [ roughly in chronological or learning-steps' order: ] ..
1. halfspins with both handles, intending to get faster, partly taking care to stop it on the side where is against its spin first, only then (a twinkle later) to sustain its other end to fully land it,
2. both-handled double spins ( only a few ),
3. somewhat controlled faster both-handled halfspins merge into one-handled regular tictocs, trying to tic near its center ( initially did on its ends ),
4. ( new today: ) both handled halfspins, now trying to keep the devil's spinning center on the spot as good as can, which i think is most near to doing with one handle,
?. .. [t.b.c.]

(( ° - i think, or from my little experience yet, the stick is not the devil's, but the devil himself, you know ))

4' - 3c doubles

142' - 5prop mix 2b3c ( tinyclubs, doubles ) - 3 rounds to a ball drop two times and once chaotic into all caught somehow.

26' - 3b blindfold - 173, 140 throws max.

Total practice time: 222 minutes

Locations: sports area´s parking area, indoors low ceiling

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