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4th November 2018


5 ball tricks, 7 balls, #otu, #psychologic, #exercises, 66 minutes

56' - 5b rev casc - 122, 132, more generous scoop to the outside, esp. with weakhand, then also focussing on and leading with that hand, got these better runs, 105, 104 throws max above 100. ___ [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 132 ]

10' - 7b casc low - #otu - (ceiling: 2 m 50 cm. me 1,83 m tall) - even though I've done that height outdoors with upto like 30 throws or so, the low ceiling actually `pushes´ from above [ #psychologic ], you don't have any spare height, so not the option to save a corrupt pattern going into higher, and you're not throwing into the, well, void, .. no wait! .. into empty air, but towards the ceiling's barrier. So, this is more of an #exercises good for flashing accurately at good speed, than real 7b practise.
Got 10 or 11 clean flashes and only upto 9 throws to drop(s).

Total practice time: 66 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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