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10th October 2018


7 balls, #StagesOfLearning, 5 balls, 9 balls flashing, 80 minutes

5b casc varied - ~5 min.
9b flashing - ~5 min. ___ bad (not even 7 gathers), awkward, no nimble arms, stopped in favor of more time for 7b.
7b casc - ~70 min. ___ 41, 47, [*], 43, 43, 52, 43 throws' runs longer than 40 t. ___ [ daily7b III: 52 ] ___ [*] - short controlled runs - here, tried absolutely dropless (very short runs then). This is about a different kind of control as it felt, not over a snapped-in running pattern over a few throws or rounds, but over a run as a whole, runs ``out of a piece┬┤┬┤, control over the whole set of balls too. It also gave pretty low (thus effortless, easy) runs without feeling very fast. It's going for the perfect pattern, allowing for perfect throws only, right from launch. I'm doing this too little with 7b, and, if, then with focus on swift technique, no matter a drop, a slip here or there from doing like too lax or so or from trying with unleashed hazardously flapping wrists with some ball liable to fly anywhere, but I don't usually do it with focus on "absolutely dropless" or on 100% "full control". Disadvantages of doing (only) like this are: a) you're not learning correcting skills, b) you're not going for it, c) if failing even here, results will be very low runs only, short uncontrolled runs then (and really bad practise), d) maybe for doing this, it's necessary to even be able to do with (near) perfect technique and the feeling or mindset of it, which is currently not always granted as I later lost that control, that mindset maybe, and blundered a lot, so needed to force a bit and do higher, safer, slower, rowing more with arms again. .. A thin line with this too. #SoL

5 ball tricks, 5 balls, 5prop mix, 92 minutes

25' - 5b casc - 363, 397, 361, 501 throws' longest runs.

20' - 5 prop mix, 4b1c - 13 rounds once .

47' - 5b rev casc - Throws: 143, 174, 167, 110, 139, activated thumbs, especially weakhand's, here (had noticed that weakhand was doing without), 135, 143, 111, 141, 167, pretty low now a few mins between about eye-height for well rolling and a handwidth above head for correcting (upto 59 t). ___ [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 174 ]

Total practice time: 172 minutes

Locations: rivershore-meadow, indoors low ceiling

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