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3 balls, 25 minutes

I didn't actually feel like juggling tonight. Not until I picked up the balls, that is. The main reason that I even did that was that I didn't want to break my "not a whole week without juggling since 2015". Well, as soon as I picked up the balls, I enjoyed it. Decided already before I started that I was just gonna do whatever I felt like, no serious practicing for a specific goal or anything like that. Should juggle that way more often.

I got a few catches of 3b box today! I think it might have been 8 catches on the best round. Definitely got 6 a few times (and back to cascade some of those times, too). Haven't done that before. :)

4 balls, 5 minutes

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Vardagsrummet

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