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4th May 2015


# 4 clubs, 60 minutes

Worked on fountain and a few single 53's. Got 100 catches of 4 clubs isolated for the first time.

# 5 balls, 30 minutes

Worked on solidifying (6x,4)* transitions from cascade. Going okay.
Worked on 3 up 360, got one of them, but they're exhausting to practice
Got 6 744 rounds back into cascade
Got rainbow once or twice.

# 7 balls, 30 minutes

Working on flashing and qualifying isolated. It's painful but I think it will help me in the long run.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Princeton Squash Courts

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6th January 2015


# 3 balls, 15 minutes

3-up 360's were going well, I got 4 attempts in a row. Difficult to practice a long time without getting dizzy.
Backcrosses continued to be my bane. I didn't let myself quit until I finally got 10, which still is ugly.

# 4 balls, 10 minutes

I got 4 back-to-back 7531s. A bit of mills and a bit of 633 as well. 633 sucks.

# 5 balls, 35 minutes

Worked a bunch on 744 out of and back into cascade, getting it a bit more solid. I got my first left-handed 744, if ugly. Goal for tomorrow is to land 2 back-to-back.

Worked a bit on 645, but I simply cannot hit that with a left handed 6.

# 7 balls, 15 minutes

Cascade. Went pretty well, got quite a few runs in the 20s and 30s.

Total practice time: 75 minutes

Location: Lawrence Lobby

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5th January 2015


# 5 balls, 50 minutes

I found a new space to juggle in that I don't have to drive to, quite excited about that.

Only slept 2 hours last night, and recovering from a wrist injury skiing, so I was pretty tired, but I pushed through. Started out awful, nothing was landing, but by 20 minutes in, things started working.

I hit 645555 for 4 rounds before dropping.
Got my 2nd,3rd, and 4th ever 744's out of and back into a pattern.
Hit several 3-up 360's in a row, hoping to get that more solid.

3 ball backcrosses still suck (10 max?), but landed 2 single backcrosses from 5-ball.

(6x,4)* messy, but working. Didn't land a single transition from cascade into it though.

Total practice time: 50 minutes

Location: Lawrence Lobby

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