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5th July 2013

Cody Sanders

# 3 ball mills mess, 180 minutes

Learning the Mills Mess. I can do all six throws once, but have been unable to repeat the pattern...YET!

# 3 ball mills mess, 30 minutes


# 3 ball mills mess, 60 minutes

# 3 ball mills mess, 60 minutes

Getting in and out of Mills Mess from the cascade and reverse Cascade.

# 3 ball windmill, 60 minutes

Ugh! I don't know why, but this trick is so tough for me!

# 1 ball head balance, 20 minutes

Getting better and better!

# 3 balls general practice, 45 minutes

A mix of Cascade, reverse cascade, tennis, shower, mills mess, columns, body bounces, windmills, and claws. Time for bed!

Total practice time: 455 minutes


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3 ball mills mess (330 min)
3 ball windmill (60 min)
3 balls general practice (45 min)
1 ball head balance (20 min)