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27th June 2013


# 3 balls, 60 minutes

Been trying to get the hang of 5 balls for a while now. I've recently been constantly qualifying, which means I don't get disheartened and can practice for longer. In the hour, my PB went from 26 to 31, which may not be groundbreaking but it pleased me.

5b is currently my main goal. As of a few days ago, I had been working on getting a range of 3 ball patterns more solid, and I had also been attempting some 4 ball siteswaps. 5 balls have taken over, but it's nice to see the pattern slowly improve in appearance and duration. 50 catches of 5 balls was one of my aims for this year, and it seems very manageable at this point. I may even aim for 100 catches.

I will probably be using these logs to keep track of short-term goals rather than individual practice sessions , so logged practice will likely reflect the focus of my practice.

Total practice time: 60 minutes


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