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5th November 2015

Brook Roberts

# wjf nonsense, 60 minutes

Heydar, Pipjim and co want to run a wjf intermediates competition in Cambridge. I'm unable to resist competition so practised the moves a bit.
Balls: Pretty reasonable, landed all the moves at least once except the 5up pirrouette (didn't try that long, as I'm unlikely to ever get it first time) and flash of bx to pattern. I should be able to get the rest most of the time though.
Rings: Actually practising rings occansionally is seeing very rapid improvement. Just messing around with 5 might be helpful - I should really land the 744 run and 97531, but won't unless my base pattern is cleaner.
Clubs: Reasonable. 3 club 3 up 360 and 180 should be tidied. Should practise bx flashes in 4 and 5, and 4->5 kickup.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: West Cambridge Sports Centre

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