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13th November 2016

Stephen Meschke

# tutorial, 1 minutes

This is the outline for my tutorial video:

Fitness for Technical and Endurance Juggling

I. Intro
A. Analogy --> juggling without nutritional and physical training like building a fire with rocks
B. Graph of skill and fitness vs. juggling --> intersection is greatest possible ability
C. Parts of tutorial
1. Nutrition
2. Strength (weight and isometric)
3. Dynamic
4. Juggling is cardio
5. Warmup
6. Recovery - flexibility
II. Nutrition
A. Meal Planning - Macros
B. Foods before juggling
C. Foods after juggling
III. Strength
A. 5x5 training with squat, dead lift, bench, press, and row.
B. Plank
C. Handstand
IV. Dynamic
A. Juggle jumps, juggle squats, juggling jumping jacks, juggle lunge
B. Jumprope
V. Juggling is Cardio
A. Extra cardio is unnecessary. Juggling is cardio.
B. Engaging is cardio exercises outside of juggling causes overtraining.
VI. Warmup - to get the most out of fitness, warm up properly
A. Light cardio to get temp and hr up
B. Dynamic rhythm based activity
VII. Recovery
A. Correct phase to stretch muscles
B. Yoga sequences

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Linux

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