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12th May 2014


# 3ball basics, 20 minutes

Juggle Time: 0: 20:00 Session Rating(1-5): 2 Not too bad

Had to atleast get some practice done today, i didn't want to miss a single day of practicing!

Total practice time: 20 minutes

Location: Home

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11th May 2014


# tricks, Bounce Juggling (3balls), 3 balls, 60 minutes

Juggle Time:1: 00:00

Because this post disappeared also, i'm summing up what i did:

Practiced throwing a ball behind the back, over the back and across the ground (for bounce juggling practice)
Worked on 3ball tricks, i can't remember what exactly though x_x.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Home/School

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29th April 2014


# 3ball ROUTINE, 5 balls preperation, 3ball basics, 3 balls, tricks, 5 balls, 126 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 06:46: 71

Worked on my new variation tricks, and on the usuall stuff. I wasn't completely satisified with my 5ball session, though i still did alright. My right hand has a tendency to reach forward and my left arm at times doesn't throw to the right side far enough. I tried focusing on the throwing the balls at the same height, after struggling with the pattern and magically started doing very well, then after a couple of tries i went back to my old ways. Sigh..I know i'm eventually going to get this pattern down, i just can't see how i'm going to break out of these darned habbits.

Total practice time: 126 minutes

Location: Home

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28th April 2014


# 5 balls preperation, tricks, 3 balls, 5 balls, invented a new trick, 105 minutes

Juggling Time:1: 45:00

Spent some time working on basic stuff that i sorta neglect. I was practicing the 2ball snake and the 2ball fountain in both hands, mostly the right hand. And in between i was working on 5ball preperation stuff such as the flash starting from the left and the right hand, and i think i worked on the continuous flash a little bit. I'm getting better at the 3 ball reverse back crosses, i was able to do (33ReverseBackCross) x3 times before dropping. Also worked on back crosses and did pretty good, i was able to get 3 clean throws at once. If i wanted to, i bet i could solidify this trick in a month, but i dont know, i'm already working on the 5ball cascade.

I also spent a great deal of my time working on the 5ball cascade, with great success =). And practiced this one trick where my lil bro throws a ball into my 3ball cascade, and i attempt to catch it and juggle the 4ball fountain. I practiced on my left and right side. There's no way he would have helped me practice if he went to school though, he stayed home because of some sort of sickness. And because of that, he wasn't aloud to get on his computer.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that I invented another cool trick! Its like the windmil only when my arm crosses over and catches a ball, instead of dragging it back to the other side and tossing it, i grab it out like doing a take out, then i throw it back into the pattern. SO its a variation of the windmill. I think it looks pretty cool.

Man! I really need to make a video showing off the tricks i've come up with!!

Total practice time: 105 minutes

Location: Home

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27th April 2014


# tricks, 3 balls, 5 balls, 45 minutes

Juggle Time:0: 45:00

Mostly did the 1-ball reverse back crosses, starting with and without the cascade. But I easily got frustrated and moved on to the 5ball cascade. And got frustrated once again and eventually just had to stop, i was getting nowhere. I felt very disappointed.

Total practice time: 45 minutes

Location: Home

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25th April 2014


# 3 balls, 3ball basics, tricks, invented a new trick, 5 balls, 111 minutes

Juggle Time:1: 51:12: 84

At school, i was messing around and discovered a way to box while juggling. It's possible when you do the 423, and use the 2 as a punch. And I was practicing random tricks , but i don't count that as part of my sessions because i do it every school day and don't really keep track. It's not until i get home that i keep track and take my practice more seriously.

And later when i got home, i practiced the factory and column stuff, followed by the behind the back catches. And invented some "new" 423 variations. I think i might post a video of them, and if i do, i'll make sure to add the link to this post, and my post the day i do it. I came up with 4 variations, though the first one i came up with is tricky and i'm not so sure about it.

At the end of my session, i spent a good chunk of my time working on the 5ball cascade. I feel very comfortable starting the pattern now, I'm just having trouble keeping my self from leaning forward and from tilting my pattern to my left. (my right hand extends to catch balls further out, and my left hand stays to my side i think) I'm not exactly sure what i should do to correct this other than trying to force myself not to make these mistakes while doing the 5ball cascade, which is very difficult. If anyone knows, i would very much appreciate it if someone left a reply on the small talk section, Thankyou! You guys are awesome!

Total practice time: 111 minutes

Location: Home

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24th April 2014


# tricks, 3ball basics, 3ball ROUTINE, 3 balls, 5 balls, 43 minutes

Juggle Time:0: 42:52 nearly 43 minutes, so i'll put that down instead of 42^

At the end of my last hour at school, in the band room, I was practicing juggling 5. Some chick (who doesn't even take BAND) saw me do a flash, and told me to do it again. Before i could even start she said: "wait." and pulled out her phone. And i did the 5ball cascade, but messed up. So i told her wait, one more time! And did it again, and held the pattern alot longer than i normally do when i show it off. Maybe 3 or 4 seconds? If not less. This makes me happy because the previous day i was being mocked, and today the exact opposite happened. By the way, i feel even MORE comfortable starting and doing the pattern. So excited!!

And late at night I practiced doing a 3ball routine, trying to mix up and do crazy tricks, which was actually funner than i thought it would be. I was inspired by thegoheads newest juggle videos, he's amazing! If you haven't already, WATCH THEM!!
I thought his club spinning tricks were amazing. (especially in the third video)

While i was juggling, i came up with a new trick that i want to practice. It's a 3ball trick where you hold one ball in each hand, and bounce the third ball from ball to ball. Imagine doin that with 5balls! It's actually pretty hard (atleast with my props, they're perfectly round and sorta bouncy)

Also, i'm very good at the inverted shower now. I still feel like i need a little bit more practice, cause i still get a little bit uncomfortable when attempting the trick in the middle of a routine. Especially on my first try.

Today was great =)

Total practice time: 43 minutes

Location: Home

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23rd April 2014


# tricks, 3ball basics, 3 balls, 5 balls, 5 balls preperation, 152 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 32:04: 07

So! Worked on the Usual stuff such as: 5ball cascade, 3ball inverted shower, backwards back crosses (not the full pattern just yet, still have a while to go for that; So far i'm pretty comfortable with doing one in-between the cascade pattern, from either hand)

I also worked on improving some of the patterns i feel need work. So i worked on columns on both sides, and on all the factory patterns i know, including the pendelum drop variation, the one where the hand constantly grabbing and throwing the ball back into the pattern looks like a pendelum. I'm taking my time to feel comfortable with these patterns so that i can learn the cross-arm factory, and because i feel like these simple tricks are the core to lots of other tricks. Not the pattern, but the way you have to keep the props going straight up and down in the same spot, without the props moving left or right, etc. Straight up and down.

Oh and i was showing off a little at church too, that's where i was doing my basic 3ball tricks. My peers mocked my skill at "juggling balls". I think its so pathetic how they make fun of me, just because they probably can't do anything nearly as impressive as me.

Total practice time: 152 minutes

Location: Home/Church

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27th March 2014


# tricks, 3 balls, 5 balls, 5 balls preperation, 188 minutes

Juggle Time:3: 08:20: 10

So, today i was practicing some stage tricks in my grandmas backyard, when I suddenly heard a thunder-like sound. Confused, I looked up into the sky expecting to see storm clouds above me, but didn't. It may have been a fault line or earthquake a ways away or something. I heard the sound 2 or 3 times. I was lucky to be outside when it happened, the last time i practiced outside was WEEKS ago (check my practice logs for proof).

I also worked on the 5ball cascade which is really clean now, but i still can't get keep the pattern going. My pattern has improved because i have been practicing tossing a ball high in the air, perfectly straight up and down with both hands as a warm up everyday. I have a good feeling about the 5b cascade. Now i just need to work on the 3ball flash, 4ball flash, and throwing 3 balls from one hand :)

And i also worked on the inverted shower, factory(both sides and reversed on one side), cherry picker(need to improve practice structure and be patient) the shower on both sides(neglected my right side) and learned a new trick known as the Weave. I knew how to do something similar to the weave before, but today i spent 5 minutes learning how to do the actual trick, and it has a better feel. (my version was crappy)

And i also worked on the 2ball stack which is starting feel controllable. I wonder how long it took peterbone to get this and the 3ball stack down. This is more difficult then i thought it would be.

Total practice time: 188 minutes

Location: Home/GH

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