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14th November 2016

Stephen Meschke

# training, 1 minutes

Juggle jumps:

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Linux

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11th January 2016

Stephen Meschke

# training, 5 clubs, 55 minutes

Everything felt bad, so I worked on something new: Juggling Cross training:

The moves are modifications of the squat, deadlift, crunches, and lunges.

I want to add some more moves, maybe box jumps? Anyone have suggestions?

Total practice time: 55 minutes

Location: Racquetball Court

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7th January 2016

Stephen Meschke

# 7 balls, 4 clubs, 5 clubs, training, 70 minutes

No warmup.
5b and 6b tricks for a short time.
Four sets of 100+ catches of 7b and 100 jumprope skips
Lots of 534 with clubs - starting to feel really good.
5 clubs for 101 catches (clean).
Bench press 155lb X 3 sets X 5 reps.
Pullups 3 sets X 5 reps.

Total practice time: 70 minutes

Location: Racquetball Court

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23rd November 2015

Stephen Meschke

# 5 balls, 6 balls, 7 balls, training, handstand, 20 minutes

Warmup: flow jumprope

I only had 20 minutes to juggle before pickup basketball. My goal was to hit 100+ catches with 7. Ended up running 7 to almost 200 catches. Wearing sweats and diving to my knees, I was able to gather all the balls. I continued to hit smooth 5 ball tricks as basketball players arrived.

Played basketball, Five games to 23 points; W,W,W,W,L. I need better conditioning, vertical leap is good.

After basketball, I did two 15 second handstands. The first one may have been clean (didn't touch the wall with my feet).

Total practice time: 20 minutes

Location: Full Court Gym

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22nd November 2015

Stephen Meschke

# 5 balls, 6 balls, 7 balls, training, 60 minutes

Normal stuff with balls and clubs. Ran 7 for 175+ to collect. Easy day due to injury on Friday.

12 minutes on the stairclimber (no hands). I selected the 'glute sculptor' mode, on level 7 out of 20. That's the most brutal exercise machine programming I have ever encountered.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: LED lit full court gym

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5th November 2015

Stephen Meschke

# 5-7 balls, training, 75 minutes

Started with three blue balls in my RH and three orange balls in my LH. Swap the colors using 7777770, 777771, and by transitioning into whimpy for three throws.

High throws with 6 balls.

Ran 7 balls for 100+ three times, culled the run and collected on the third time. SOLID.

Training: 12 minutes of interval training on the treadmill.

Total practice time: 75 minutes

Location: Full Court Gym

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