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12th January 2015


# Siteswaps, passing, clubs, 60 minutes

Teaching and creating new 4-handed siteswap patterns

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Home

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5th November 2014

Brook Roberts

# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 5 clubs, siteswaps, 60 minutes

Warmed with shoulder rolls, seemed to finally get the hand of it and got a long run of every left hand throw as a shoulder roll. Should practice 'throwing' with the shoulder more often.

3 and 4 clubs: Mostly practicing 531 and 7531 on 3x2x1x0x since I never really drilled these before. To and from various patterns as well (bx, singles, doubles, 53).

5 clubs: Awesome. More frequent practice paying off. In 30 mins or so, landed from and back to pattern: 744 left and right handed, 645 left and right, 6x56x(7x,4)(6x,4) right handed, 753 left and right (never done before), 75751 left and right handed, 663 right handed (never done before) and was getting incredibly close to 97531. The varied practice is good and I should go through these again - I'm sure the build up helped massively with 97531. Must also get 663 with left.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: West Cambridge Sports Centre

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