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30th September 2014


# shower patterns, 5 balls, 65 minutes

Feeling tired this morning, but managed to get an hour in on showers and 5 ball overheads before work.

3 connected 3 up 360s with 3 ball shower, but technique not great. Need to throw wider and lower, and not trail my arm when I spin. Possibly work on 3 ups indoors to sort that.

Very close to 3 up 720 out of 4 ball shower. Also, did 1 hi 1 low, 1 hi 2 low and made progress on the 1 hi 3 low, but the 3 low needs to be much smoother (see above). Got a nice 4 up at the end, but took too many attempts.

5 balls was ok. Got some nice feeling runs around 20 throws, keeping pattern more wide and low than usual. Flashed 6 easily at the end too.

5 ball overheads felt good, just need to find my rhythm now and go for some longer runs.

Finished with a few standard 5 up 360s as a warm-down because Cameron is getting good way too fast and it's scaring me...

Total practice time: 65 minutes

Location: Garden

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