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14th July 2018


# ring passing, 30 minutes

(With B and N)
Shamrock + flying Shamrock

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Camp Twin Echo (Pennsylvania)

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18th June 2017


# ring passing, 15 minutes

(With L)
None of us had done passing with rings before.

Total practice time: 15 minutes

Location: Märsta (Sthlm Juggling Weekend)

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20th February 2016


# club passing, combat, ring passing, 5 balls, balancing, 5 clubs, 7 balls, head bounce, 420 minutes

Always a good convention, Bath. Arrived a bit late due to a unintended diversion to Bristol, but got passing with Cameron straight away on arrival.

Had already printed a sheet of things to work on and blasted through it pretty quickly. My tomahawks and treblas were working well, shoulder throws still crap though. Got a 6 up 360, but found it tricky enough that the 2 stage seems overly ambitious at the moment. Transition into back to back was harder than expected with straight early doubles (one each).

7 club b2b really nice, got 80 passes easy then tried some tricks. Singles was hard, as were 360s. I got 7 club singles into me doing 5 clubs with a bit of work and a lot of correcting, naturally Cameron got it first time.

8 club singles felt a bit strained, but got the 4 up 360 in just a few tries, and wasn't massively far off the 8 up. Got a couple of good runs of 8 b2b too- probably beating our pb, but wasn't counting. 8 and 9 on triples felt better than ever- my triples feel almost controllable now.

9 worked much better when we both took a step back from each other. No super long runs, maybe just over 40 passes. Tried singles (dropping down from a few passes of doubles). Flashing 9 back to back felt vaguely plausible in triples, not in doubles. 10 clubs was pretty good- probably just over 5 passes each (11 or 12 total), but not counting and not clean.

Combat started well, then I lost to a couple of people I felt I should have beaten. Total was 8 won 5 lost, but then lost in the quarters again. Felt like my opponent had learned how to deal more effectively with my attacks since we met in the qualifiers. Cameron went on to be 2nd though, which was good, and I felt I played well on the whole.

Did some work on Chopabout with Cameron and Elina before and during the games, but took part in some. 4th-ish in club balance (bloody seal roll again), reasonable in 5 ball endurance (bloody halfshower again), 3rd in 5 club endurance and maybe joint 3rd/4th in 7 ball endurance, but that one was hard to call. Did head bouncing in random trick endurance which I felt was one of the hardest tricks there. Had to stop because I was moving about too much and I thought I was going to trip over the spectators.

Ring passing with Varkor before dinner- just 2 counts. 8 and 9 rings went well- beat our records and moved on. 10 rings improved massively when I slowed down lots and sorted out the angle on my passes- beat our record with at least 15 passes each. Tried 11 to finish, Varkor starting running 5 and me starting cold with 6 like the pros seem to do with clubs. Don't think I was doing my selfs high enough because he was getting the 3rd pass too early. Very flashable though, and possibly easier than 10 in some ways.

Total practice time: 420 minutes

Location: Bath Upchuck

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24th September 2014


# spins, ring passing, 90 minutes

Definitely tired from climbing, but worked on few specific spin tricks anyway.

3 up 1080 very close. Maybe next week. 5 up 720 pretty good too- will need a bit more luck to land that though. Spin is about good enough on a good day, just need to get a more consistent 5 high...

Couple of good attempts at 5 up 360 with rings, but basic cascade felt difficult as I wasn't warmed up that well. Worked better when I thought about throwing from the middle and not too high- catches were feeling unusually shaky after the 360.

Had a go at 97522 360 too, just need to not blast the 9 and keep them all relatively narrow. With rings it gets too wide very easily.

Finished with some ring passing with Katie. Flatfront passes coming along nicely, need to practice more. Also, when transitioning 6r 1 count sync to async, my pair needs to have a bigger split in height and not go too far back.

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: CUJA

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