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27th September 2015


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, 6 balls, 7 balls, 8 balls, 9 balls, 10 balls, clubs, rings, planning session, jumprope stuff, 300 minutes

This is going to be a detailed log entry;)

I started with 5 balls. Did 5 ball cascade then brought the pattern up REALLY high then I brought it down low again. I did this for about 2 mins. Then I worked on 5 ball half-shower. Did half shower with both right and left hand. Worked on half-shower for about 10 mins. Then I did full reverse cascade!! My favourite!! Brought the reverse cascade up to a very high height then I brought it down low again. Then I did some endurance with 5 ball cascade, got around 500 catches. Then I worked on transitions in and out of 6x4. I started with a 5 ball cascade, threw a 6-6-7 then went into 6x4. Then after a few mins I threw a 7-5 and got out of 6x4 and back into a normal 5 ball cascade pattern. I then did 744, which went well. However my 7s were going a little bit too high today. I then worked on 66661 which went REALLY well. Then I moved onto 6 balls. I did a 6 ball sync then a 6 ball async then I did some siteswaps. Over all 6 ball practise was BORING. I then moved onto 7 balls. did a 7 ball cascade. best was 112 catches:( not very good........any way........I then did 8x6, which went well. I moved onto reverse 7 ball cascade!!! which was REALLY fun!!!! And then I did some plex stuff and I ended my 7 ball practise. moved onto 8 balls, which was boring. my best was 55 catches.......I then did 9 balls, which went really well today. 10 balls=boring

3 balls=yay

4 balls= boringish
Clubs went well. I was able to juggle 5. Which I couldn't even do yesterday......

Rings were boring

I finally accomplished 1 jumprope triple!!!!! I'm improving!!!! YAY!!!

Planning my IJA juniors stage routine........I need a rusty park bench and a vest that has all black on the front and all white on the back........hmmm.....

Total practice time: 300 minutes

Location: home

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15th September 2015


# 5 balls, planning session, 30 minutes

short practise.....

Trying to plan my IJA juniors stage routine.............I need a rusty park bench...........hmmmmm.......

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: home

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