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17th April 2014


# 3ball basics, 3 balls, 5 balls, performed, 140 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 20:00

My first performance

Okay well, today was a special day so i feel compelled to write about everything that happend. So today, when i got off the bus and back to home, i relaxed a bit then started practicing for the talent show that was scheduled for 6: 30. So i practiced working on the basic tricks and the new ones, but the new ones were really discouraging me, and i really wanted to make sure they were a part of the performance (whic didn't happen, because i was really nervous and forgot about them). So after i got really frustrated, i gave up for a while. I was so discouraged that i was actually considering cancelling my performance.

That's when my friend who lives hours away from I do called. When i heard the phone ring, i remember thinking: Oh no, this isn't a good time, I cannot hang out now, i just don't have the time. Gosh why now? Why now? Why could it have been next week? So I answered, and we got in a little conversation, I told him that i was practicing for a talent show, and then i mentioned how i was doubting myself and that i was actually considering cancelling my performance. He ended up coming to my house to help me practice, by giving me feed back. But he ended up distracting my from practice alot, so i felt like having him over was a bad idea, though i enjoyed chatting with him.

Then that's when i came up with the idea of having him be a part of the performance. So we ended up spending an hour and a half (around 5: 00-6: 30) planning what we were going to do. So heres what we had in mind (which took some time to think up of, memorize and practice) My friend was going to start out my juggling two balls in a way that actually looked pretty good, then i was going to come in, poke him on the shoulder and lift out a hand, signaling that i wanted the ball. Then he would give me the balls and i would start doing a simple 3 ball cascade with a few tricks. Then i would do the tennis, only the over hand throw would throw to the side across the stage and i would side step, catch it, do the cascade a bit, and do the same thing as before on the opposite a few times, then my friend would catch the ball i'm chasing and signal to me that he wants the balls. Then i would reluctantly fork them over to him, and hide behind the curtain. Then i would come back take the balls from him, and push him aside (in the performance we messed this part up a little bit and i ended up not pushing him aside, and having to pick up the props, which is okay!) And do the first part of my performance. Then i would finish and the audience would clap, then would come the next part of the performance. My friend, would appear from the curtains and hand me a forth ball, and i would look at it nervously, and take it from him. Then i would do the 4ball fountain a bit, and a few tricks, then my friend would try and get my attention from below the stage by throwing a ball in the air, and then jumping and waving at the same time. Then i would stop juggling, and look down, throw him a ball, and start juggling the 423( would have been the cascade, but 423 is easier, my friend could time the throw) we would attempt it 3 times and no madder what, the 3rd time had to be successful. Then I would resume juggling 4. And then the audience would clap and just like before, my friend would hand me another ball. And i would then attempt the 5 ball cascade, and then i would be done.

We planned all of this out before the performance and lucky for us, i was the 2nd to LAST performer, i repeat, THE 2nd to LAST PERFORMER!! So that bought us a ton of time to rehearse and seriously memorize what we were going to do. It was intense, the whole time, we were doing it, we were under pressure, just knowing that if we didn't hurry, we would go on stage looking like morons. By the time we were almost done and ready to go, one of the talent show organizers told us I was up next. So we practiced a few more things and went on stage.

(because i already told you what i had in mind, im going to tell you what didn't go as planned and the parts worth mentioning) So my friend started off with 2 balls, and i went up, poked him, took the juggling balls, did a few tricks. Then came the tennis trick that was over exagerated. When my friend stole the ball from me, the audience laughed, (im laughing, just looking back, imagining what it looked like to them) And then he performed a little, then i went up and failed to grab all 3 balls back without dropping, and ended up having to pick them up and i didn't even get to push him out of the way, then I performed the 3ball session. I dropped atleast 6 or 7, maybe 8 times but i did manage to wow the audience with my really advanced juggling tricks. Even though i dropped a bit, i feel good about how i did. Then came the 2nd session, the one with the 4ball and 5ball stuff. I think i may have dropped a few times (i know i dropped atleast once) but i did way better than I did on the previous session. And then came the coolest part, my friend walked by while i was juggling the 4ball fountain, and i gave him a ball, then he layed down (about 6-8ft below my juggling props) which i think made the act even more INTENSE. And we failed the first 2 throws, but managed to get the third, which is better than nothing!! Then! just like before, he handed me another ball,(my fifth ball!)and i did the 5ball cascade. The first time i tried from a cascade, and didn't do the greatest. The 2nd time, I started from scratch, and managed to keep the pattern going for a second or two (maybe 1.3 seconds hahaha i'm not sure! it was intense and felt long) even though it felt awkward, i got the pattern in motion and i think it may have impressed the audience. Even though the performance didn't go 100% as we planned, we both felt great and did GOOD!

Today was a really great day, I don't want to forget it. My friend saved my day, making it 100x better than it probably would have been. I am so glad he called when he did :)), and feel like today really is too good to be true!!!! I never would have guessed he was going to be a BIG part of my performance. Best 1st performance ever!!! WPEIOTJHQAKJF:LKDMNV:OEIWTJEW =DD

Total practice time: 140 minutes

Location: Home/Church

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