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1st July 2015


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, parallettes, 60 minutes

Hot to very hot, almost no wind

3 ball: overheads with tricks, one arm behind the back alternating (need to lose weight & gain ab strength for constant).
4 ball: mills mess, lots of, pattern looking smarter seems to improve after triceps / shoulder warm ups on parallettes. 4 ball shower, 9151 both sides, trying to beaten and even out pattern.
5 ball: a bit of plain cascade and a few half hearted attempts at basic siteswaps 744 753. Tried [75]75751 seem to be forgetting how to do that one.

Some 4 in one hand practice trying to click fingers before catching, some success, seem to have the power, but not the accuracy. Did manage a couple of collects right handed with inaudible finger click. Maybe one day I'll get that 10 ball flash, lol.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Outside

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29th June 2015


# running, parallettes, chin bar, skipping, 30 minutes

Sun behind stratus cloud. Lucky.

Over the last few days I've still been juggling, but so intermittently it never felt log worthy. Mostly 4b mm.

After my last logged juggling session, unsurprisingly I found it difficult to juggle. LOLZ. However I still kept up the running and have still been doing runs of ~2k, at least once every day bar one day, since the 18th (11 days, 12 runs).

This had been so far, good, but I got a mild twinge in my right Achilles today and should probably rest tomorrow. (probably shouldn't have stretched immediately before running)

The parallettes and Chin up bar have seen use, although my upper body isn't up to serious continuous exercise on them, but they should help me get stronger. Got to be careful about pulling ab muscles though, as I seem to be a bit careless at this whatever piece of equipment I use.

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: quarry

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25th June 2015


# 5 balls, 6 balls, 7 balls, parallettes, 90 minutes

I need a sweat band lol.


7 balls cascade - couple of qualifies. Still lots of misses, quite high successful flash rate.
7 balls half shower - fairly successful flash rate. Poor form tho' (turning right). I can't remember trying this before.
6 balls 75 half shower. LH 10 catches RH could probably do more, but will work on the left.
5 ball high - significant improvements, can briefly juggle higher than 7 ball height... Neatness improving quickly. Promising.

744 TPB 14 rounds sloppy, mostly 10 or less. 645 approx' 10 rounds.
753 34567

Buy - sweatband, skipping rope, sun screen.
If I had tried this intensity of practice for this long a year ago my wrists would have dropped off. Handstand and (careful) OAEL practice ftw! Thanks #Orinoco

Notes from 8 hours later
Yes, my arms hurt now. But at least my wrists feel fine :)

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: Outside

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