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22nd September 2014


# overheads, 40 minutes

Overheads practice before lunch. Finally using balls that don't disintegrate as I'm juggling them :) A little slippery, but felt good.

3 balls felt good. 3 360s in the same run finally. Maybe try some right handed ones now and work up to 2 connected, or into some siteswaps. Don't have the control to push the throws up for 720s yet. Maybe have a go next time for a laugh...

4 balls felt ok, tricks were pretty bad. Need to do some focused practice on 360s into and in, maybe tomorrow. 7531 felt good though.

5 balls felt pretty good. A few good runs. Need to think about the angle of my hands and keeping my right hand throws high and my left hand throws wide.

Practiced 3 in one hand for about 5 mins. Big asymmetry. Regular practice with my right could help with 5 too.

Total practice time: 40 minutes

Location: Garden

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