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21st September 2015


# juggling pencils, 5 balls, 7 balls, 9 balls, 11 balls, 100 minutes

During my spanish class today I dug three pencils out of my backpack and started doing some 3 pencil juggling stuff......Tried a 3 pencil mills mess.......Tried 3 pencil endurance.........Oh wait!! The teacher is asking me a question!!! AAAAA!!! Uh, hola, mi nombre es Ethan y yo soy un malabarista!!! SI!!!! QUE?!!?! maybe I should pay more attention in spanish class;) I wonder how Anthony Gatto did it?

Once I got back, I walked straight to the my "juggling room" and juggled until I was tired and my wrists started hurting.

Total practice time: 100 minutes

Location: home

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