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20th August 2014


# 3 balls, invented a new trick, 180 minutes

Ahhh! The session went okay but i ended up spending too much time practicing yoyo variations with my weak side and practicing a new trick i invented. I didn't get through everything i wanted to! Oh well, i wont let this happen again tomorrow.

Anyways, the new trick i invented was suppose to be mangam's mangle with a twist, but it turned out to be a completely different trick. The trick feels like a mixture of Romeos revenge and the oy-oy on both sides. I really need to name and post demonstrations of my tricks.

Edit: I forgot to mention that i learned the 423 mills mess too! It turns out that its very similar to the trick i invented. The difference between the two is that on one of the patterns you move the ball below the other arm, and the other, you move the ball using the hand ontop of the other.

Total practice time: 180 minutes

Location: Home

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13th May 2014


# 3ball basics, 3 balls, 4 balls, invented a new trick, 120 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 00:00+ Session Rating(1-5):4 GREAT I kept on forgetting to keep track of time, so this is an estimate, though Im 100% sure that this is less than the actual time, i juggled ALOT today.

So i started out by practicing simple 3 ball tricks with golf balls sitting down during a movie (of Duck Dynasty, or what ever that shows called) I kept on dropping, after some drops, I was determined to STOP dropping. (I think i wasn't use to sitting down, juggling small props at a low height) So i started with the basics and worked my way up to the more difficult stuff and improved alot.

So today, I worked on the basics (low, sitting down, using small props aka golf balls) 4balls a little bit, The cherry picker, the half-kraken, and then after practicing some warm-ups for those tricks, i invented a new variation of the crossed reversed cascade. It's a Crossed reversed cascade with one of my hands clawing in a circular motion above the other hand, I think its really cool. I'll have to give this trick a name (even though i'm sure it has already been invented by someone already! haha) Then I spent alot of time working on the 55550STOP starting with my left hand and the 5ball cascade. I did really well, so well infact, I was confident to record me attempting it. On my third try i successfully recorded me scoring 45 catches, and i think I did good. Even though it was good enough, I was eager to try again, but I decided it was just fine. I saw how amazing it looked and changed my mind, it was the first time i saw a third person view of me juggling 5balls. When I get time, i'll have to post it on youtube.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Home/School

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28th April 2014


# 5 balls preperation, tricks, 3 balls, 5 balls, invented a new trick, 105 minutes

Juggling Time:1: 45:00

Spent some time working on basic stuff that i sorta neglect. I was practicing the 2ball snake and the 2ball fountain in both hands, mostly the right hand. And in between i was working on 5ball preperation stuff such as the flash starting from the left and the right hand, and i think i worked on the continuous flash a little bit. I'm getting better at the 3 ball reverse back crosses, i was able to do (33ReverseBackCross) x3 times before dropping. Also worked on back crosses and did pretty good, i was able to get 3 clean throws at once. If i wanted to, i bet i could solidify this trick in a month, but i dont know, i'm already working on the 5ball cascade.

I also spent a great deal of my time working on the 5ball cascade, with great success =). And practiced this one trick where my lil bro throws a ball into my 3ball cascade, and i attempt to catch it and juggle the 4ball fountain. I practiced on my left and right side. There's no way he would have helped me practice if he went to school though, he stayed home because of some sort of sickness. And because of that, he wasn't aloud to get on his computer.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that I invented another cool trick! Its like the windmil only when my arm crosses over and catches a ball, instead of dragging it back to the other side and tossing it, i grab it out like doing a take out, then i throw it back into the pattern. SO its a variation of the windmill. I think it looks pretty cool.

Man! I really need to make a video showing off the tricks i've come up with!!

Total practice time: 105 minutes

Location: Home

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25th April 2014


# 3 balls, 3ball basics, tricks, invented a new trick, 5 balls, 111 minutes

Juggle Time:1: 51:12: 84

At school, i was messing around and discovered a way to box while juggling. It's possible when you do the 423, and use the 2 as a punch. And I was practicing random tricks , but i don't count that as part of my sessions because i do it every school day and don't really keep track. It's not until i get home that i keep track and take my practice more seriously.

And later when i got home, i practiced the factory and column stuff, followed by the behind the back catches. And invented some "new" 423 variations. I think i might post a video of them, and if i do, i'll make sure to add the link to this post, and my post the day i do it. I came up with 4 variations, though the first one i came up with is tricky and i'm not so sure about it.

At the end of my session, i spent a good chunk of my time working on the 5ball cascade. I feel very comfortable starting the pattern now, I'm just having trouble keeping my self from leaning forward and from tilting my pattern to my left. (my right hand extends to catch balls further out, and my left hand stays to my side i think) I'm not exactly sure what i should do to correct this other than trying to force myself not to make these mistakes while doing the 5ball cascade, which is very difficult. If anyone knows, i would very much appreciate it if someone left a reply on the small talk section, Thankyou! You guys are awesome!

Total practice time: 111 minutes

Location: Home

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21st March 2014


# 3 balls, 3ball basics, invented a new trick, accuracy, 5 balls preperation, 78 minutes

Juggle Time:1: 18:34: 08

Worked on the inverted shower, created a new yo-yo variation trick that may have already been invented, but what ever! Also messed around and worked on accuracy.

Total practice time: 78 minutes

Location: Home

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