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4th December 2015


# 3-5 balls, headbounce, 90 minutes

General low number ball stuff inc. 3b reverse back crosses, 4b shoulders, back of the hand box (checking I actually could juggle it following Emily's post in small talk), 5b bxx and head bounce with juggle.

Highlights: 42c 4b shoulders, 12 catches of 3+hb (one of my goals for the year), 6c of 4+hb and 17c of continuous rh 5b bxx throws.

Lowlights: inability to juggle 4b half contortion, low ceiling :(

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: Living room

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1st December 2015


# 3-5 balls, 3-4 clubs, headbounce, balance, 70 minutes

Trying to focus primarily on things I can't already do (well).

With clubs I was doing some more work on alberts. 1 club continuous is getting solid but I'm struggling to join 2 with any consistency. Feels a long long way off. Also trying 3 clubs overheads and 4 club scissors on singles but ceiling felt a little too low for both.

With balls - 5b oh, 4b half contortion and 5b shower kneeling were the order of the day.

Finished with head bounce endurance runs. 3 runs in row over 100 bounces which is alright given I don't have a round hb ball currently. Seriously need to get a replacement. Heydar, go buy me stuff please....

Total practice time: 70 minutes

Location: Living room

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25th August 2015


# 3-7 balls, balance, headbounce, 100 minutes

Focus on club balance and headbounce with ball juggle under low ceiling.

Balance: 645+bal - 12 rounds clean, (6x4)*+bal 16 rounds (dropped on round 17), 3 and 4 ball mills, 5b half shower, 4 ball shower.

Headbounce: 6 throws of 3 ball cascade with maintained hb after twice. It's slow progress, but it's getting better :)

Also practised some 5b backcrosses and 6&7 balls kneeling

Total practice time: 100 minutes

Location: Living room

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23rd August 2015


# 3-5 clubs, 3-7 balls, 3-6 rings, 7 ball passing, 9 ball passing, balance, headbounce, 240 minutes

Nice session working on clubs, rings and balls in equal measure. Filmed some of my practice to review technique and (in theory) stop me counting catches of some patterns which I think is leading to tension in my less stable patterns.

Most pleased with 4 club singles plus balance dropped down into 5c cascade. Took a while but ended up getting it into a decent cascade several times - think I should be able to get this pretty solid in time. Now to move from 5c to 4 with bal and back....

Also new/improved for me:

6 rings - 18 catches

3 balls + headbounce - 4 catches clean with bounce maintained. Very nearly got 6 catches a few times but couldn't keep the hb going after. Feeling much better thanks to raising the height of the bounce a couple of inches and a bit of coaching from heydar.

7 and 9 ball passing in 1-count with Heydar. Never properly passed balls before. 7 came quickly and a few decent runs of 9 (along with quite a few bad ones!). Need to review footage taken before battery died to review technique.

Otherwise working on club, ball and ring backcrosses. Got 15 catches of 5b bc which is good for me.

Total practice time: 240 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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19th August 2015


# 3-8 balls, 3-5 rings, 3-5 clubs, balance, headbounce, 120 minutes

Mixed Session. Started well and generally went downhill.

Did achieve a couple of things I've not done before:
2 consecutive rh backcrosses from 5 clubs back to pattern and 4 single backcrosses in 1 run
3 ball high low shower with passes behind the back, to and from shower with same throws
5c plus balance 9 catches (dropped last throw of attempted collect). Had a few runs that were longer in terms of throws but ended in dropping balance and/or everything else. First time it's felt semi-runnable though.

Something new I want to work on at home - was attempting to get a chin balance flipped up into a fat end forehead balance. Got close a couple of times having never tried it previously. Would love to get this with a juggle underneath. Long way to go though...

Finished with a few games of gladiators, at which I was destroyed by Brook. Need to seriously improve my technique.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: CUJA

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16th August 2015


# 3-5 rings, 3-5 clubs, 3-7 balls, balance, headbounce, 6-7 club passing, 270 minutes

Nice session at Camcircus. Started with some ring stuff. Was trying to get 4 ring scissors. Found it pretty tricky. Managed 5 sets back to pattern a couple of times and 6 to a drop on the 7th once. Feels harder than I'd expect given the time I've put in to the ball version and 3 ring backcrosses.

Also with rings - 4+bal, 4r pancakes, 645, 753 and single bx out of 5.

Spent 30 mins passing with Kerry, working on tricks out of 4 count and just getting 7 working again. Enjoyed putting some time into passing as rarely do so.

Nothing else too special with clubs or balls.

Total practice time: 270 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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10th August 2015


# 3-4 clubs, balance, headbounce, 65 minutes

First practice since Wednesday. Shocking.

Mainly practicing club tricks under low ceiling - helicopters, tricks with flats, various body rolls, alberts, shoulder throws. Nothing very special achieved but fun, don't often play around with new club stuff.

Also some balance plus 3 clubs (chin rolls mainly) and headbounce (trying to turn in circles)

Total practice time: 65 minutes

Location: Living room

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5th August 2015


# 3-4 rings, 3 clubs, balance, headbounce, 60 minutes

Nice little session after a tiring day at work and the Great British Bake Off!

3 ring with ring balance went really well. 2 runs in the 80's, then 106 catches and crucially a run of 134 catches (finally topped Heydar's record). A shift in my focus to the top of the ring has worked wonders. Will look at improving my 4 ring + balance tomorrow.

Also a bit of work on my club balance tricks under low ceiling. 5 minutes spent on backcrosses + bal working on short runs with no foot movement and 5 mins on nose bal plus chin rolls.

Other 3 club tricks practiced were head rolls (working well but continuous pattern still too rushed), alberts (poor), flat throws with club hit to make it a helicopter (12 continuous today) and club on club balances.

Also some head bounce endurance runs. Nothing special but several in the 70s and 80s. Hair at an annoying length for bouncing atm.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Living room

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3rd August 2015


# 1 club, 3 clubs, balance, headbounce, 50 minutes

Short practice after work and swim.

Worked on alberts a bit. Right hand = good, left hand = bad. Max 18 consecutive alberts from right hand, but couldn't get beyond 2 consecutive from both hands.

Other focus was 3 club chin rolls with a nose balance. Managed 5 rolls back to cascade once and 5 down into 4 club singles a couple of times. Would like to get this one solid.

Finished with a bit of head bouncing. Just working on getting clean runs of 10 and 20 bounces with no/minimal foot movement.

Total practice time: 50 minutes

Location: Living room

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