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6th September 2016


# 1 bounce balls, 2 bounce balls, 3 bounce balls, 4 bounce balls, fitness, 70 minutes

Here's my first practice log, by the way I'm a bounce juggler. I'm a very injury prone guy, started off by stretching for 10 minutes.
1 ball: I think it's important to go back to the basics, just advanced moves including between the legs and behind the back bounces, nothing too hard (10 minutes).
2 balls: a much more advanced session, combining moves of behind the back, between the legs, and wimpy patterns. A much harder 2 ball session than what somebody might normally think of one. (25 minutes).
3 balls: a few cascade tries, 3 runs past 100, with my best being 412 3 ball force bounced catches: 412 I then went on to practice the cascade while doing spins and walking/running forward and backwards, then switching to isolation, without moving my feet, and went back and forth between the 2. I then switched to a cascade with a bounced ball under the leg, and then behind the back (15 minutes).
4 balls: just a quick little session today. Wanted to try more 4 ball patterns but ran out of time. 6 catches of 4 ball sync. 4 ball force bounced catches: 6 (5 minutes).
Fitness: Did an hour long bike ride today, but not by choice, as I had to go to my rowing, and I was exhausted because of doing a 2 hour bike ride the previous day. After this, I went on and did a tough core workout, which is probably not going to let me move tomorrow. Side note: I didn't add the bike ride into my session time, but did add the other fitness parts (15 minutes).

Total practice time: 70 minutes

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6th September 2015


# Ball bouncing, 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, multiplexing, experimenting, head bouncing, fitness, 105 minutes

I've been on vacation for the past little while, so I haven't been juggling. My juggling was REALLY out of shape, and I didn't feel like practicing it, so I tried something new.
I tried bounce juggling. I haven't done it before, although I do play basketball on a competitive team, and often my coach often gets us to practice dribbling with two of something(either two basketball dribbling or two tennis ball dribbling) at the same time to increase our ball handling skills. I think all this practice of 2 prop bouncing helped me learn 3.
On a side note I used some bouncy ball similar to lacrosse balls. And I learned force bounce, because lift bouncing kinda bored me. On my first try I qualified 3. After about 5 minutes I got 100+ bounces. My PB for the day was 240 catches, along with 30 catches of the reverse pattern.

Of course after an hour of bounce juggling I realized I may as well do some toss juggling. Since my juggling was very out of shape, I just did some short runs of most of my tricks, hoping to build up over time.

I tried some new tricks too. I tried alberts with balls, and I managed to do one Albert from a cascade twice in a run. I also tried reverse backcrosses neck catches. Both didn't have much success. Another trick I did was some multiplexing, which I enjoyed

At the end, I tried 5 balls, although it went terribly. I realized I'm going to have to learn 5 all over again if I'm going to ever improve. So all I did was 10 flashes, and one run of 7 catches to end off.

Another thing I hadn't done over the past two weeks was work out. So I did a strength test, seeing how many push-ups I could do, and I only got 31. I could normally do much more, but I guess I will have to build back my strength.

Total practice time: 105 minutes

Location: My bedroom

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13th August 2015


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, fitness, 60 minutes

My usual practice structure, doing short controlled runs, but finishing with a longer run each time session for that trick. I will do a progress report tommorow. Today some of my highs were:
4: 08 4 ball async (almost the record!)
1004 catches 4 ball sync(200 throws from the record!)
70 catches 5 balls (soon 100 hundred catches!)

Finished with 100 push-ups in 5 sets, 110 dips in 5 sets, and a minute and a half plank

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: My bedroom

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11th August 2015


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, fitness, 3 ball routine version 2, 80 minutes

As you may have noticed, each practice session I work on all my tricks, although I do longer runs each day for tricks I have not yet mastered, although I make sure I have a clean finish.
I decided to add in a few tricks that I have already mastered, but run them for much longer runs, trying to go for the juggling edge record.
These tricks are: 3 ball overheads, 4 ball sync and async fountain
3 ball overheads I am going to try to have a clean finish each time. This is because it hurts my arms a lot to run it for long, so I want to build up strength over time. I got 250 catches clean
4 ball async: 2:10
4 ball sync: 4: 08

The tricks I haven't mastered yet that I just practice short controlled runs of take up far too much space to wright, so I will just give a progress report every 3 sessions.

I also worked on my 3 ball routine, version 2. I know I won't be performing any time soon, but it's fun to make a routine, and the translations solidify my tricks.

I finished with 101 dips in 5 sets

Total practice time: 80 minutes

Location: My bedroom

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10th August 2015


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, fitness, 3 ball routine version 1, 60 minutes

A good 40 minutes of juggling (20 minutes for fitness).
The 3 ball tricks I got today was:

35 catches 3b bxx(+5 from yesterday)
6 rounds 3b overhead multiplex(+2 from yesterday)
6 half pirouettes 4 connected half pirouettes(-1 half pirouette, +1 connected half pirouette)
Let me just tell you my half pirouette practice. I do 10 half pirouettes every practice. I try to make most of them connected. For example I did 6 half pirouettes to warm up, then 4 connected half pirouettes to finish. Tommorow I hope to do 5 of each.

What I got in my 4 ball practice:
12 catches 4 ball overhead async(+2 from yesterday)
12 catches 4 ball overhead sync(+2 from yesterday)
28 catches 4 ball halfshower r-l(+ 4 from yesterday)
18 catches 4 ball halfshower l-r(+2 from yesterday)
10 catches 4 ball 53(+2 from yesterday)

My 5 ball practice I got 55 catches, 5 more than yesterday. Hope to get 60 tommorow.

If you look at my practice you see no drastic changes from yesterday. All I care about I improvement, I don't care how much is there. I believe I'm making slow but steady progress.

I also worked on one more thing. I worked on a WJF juniors 3 ball routine. I will work more on it, along with 4 and 5 balls, but for now I just want the basics down. I'm just 13, and I don't plan on going to the WJF for a couple or even a few years. May as well start working on a routine now though!
I also finished with 100 push-ups in 5 sets.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: My bedroom

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8th August 2015


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, fitness, 70 minutes

I wasn't going to juggle today, as my baseball team had our championship game today, but we ended up winning, I got a home run and a double, and pitched the best game of my life. I was awarded team mvp:) (most valuable player). I was in such a good mood that I just had to juggle.

50 minutes of juggling, 20 minutes of fitness.
Went through all of my 3 ball tricks in 20 minutes. I haven't been improving much lately, so instead of doing the same practice routine everyday, never doing long runs, only going for longer runs every so often, I am changing my practice routine.
I'm going to go through all of my tricks, but everyday I finish with a longer run than the day before. For example, if today I got 30 catches of 3 ball bxx(which I did) tommorow I will go for 35. Of course this does not apply for tricks I can already do, such as the halfshower, but I will do this for tricks I have not yet perfected.
What I got today:
30 catches of 3b bxx
4 overhead multiplex throws
7 half pirouettes, 3 connected half pirouettes

The reason this list is so short is I've perfected most 3 ball tricks I want to learn. I am also learning the 3 up 360, but I can't quite do it yet and there is no real way to track that.

My 4 ball practice had the same practice routine. Today I managed:
10 catches 4 ball async overheads
10 catches sync overheads
24 catches 4 ball halfshower r-l
16 catches 4 ball halfshower l-r
8 catches 4 ball 53
6 high throws 4 ball shower

I used to do a pyramid practice for 5 balls, and I would count the drops. But it is VERY frustrating having worse results than the day before. So today I got 50 catches. I will go for 55 tommorow.
Finished of with 80 push-ups in 5 sets, 30 dips, and 30 leg raises.

Total practice time: 70 minutes

Location: My living room

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