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6th September 2015


# Ball bouncing, 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, multiplexing, experimenting, head bouncing, fitness, 105 minutes

I've been on vacation for the past little while, so I haven't been juggling. My juggling was REALLY out of shape, and I didn't feel like practicing it, so I tried something new.
I tried bounce juggling. I haven't done it before, although I do play basketball on a competitive team, and often my coach often gets us to practice dribbling with two of something(either two basketball dribbling or two tennis ball dribbling) at the same time to increase our ball handling skills. I think all this practice of 2 prop bouncing helped me learn 3.
On a side note I used some bouncy ball similar to lacrosse balls. And I learned force bounce, because lift bouncing kinda bored me. On my first try I qualified 3. After about 5 minutes I got 100+ bounces. My PB for the day was 240 catches, along with 30 catches of the reverse pattern.

Of course after an hour of bounce juggling I realized I may as well do some toss juggling. Since my juggling was very out of shape, I just did some short runs of most of my tricks, hoping to build up over time.

I tried some new tricks too. I tried alberts with balls, and I managed to do one Albert from a cascade twice in a run. I also tried reverse backcrosses neck catches. Both didn't have much success. Another trick I did was some multiplexing, which I enjoyed

At the end, I tried 5 balls, although it went terribly. I realized I'm going to have to learn 5 all over again if I'm going to ever improve. So all I did was 10 flashes, and one run of 7 catches to end off.

Another thing I hadn't done over the past two weeks was work out. So I did a strength test, seeing how many push-ups I could do, and I only got 31. I could normally do much more, but I guess I will have to build back my strength.

Total practice time: 105 minutes

Location: My bedroom

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