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18th October 2015


# everything!!, 200 minutes

good practise at home!

good practise at park! ;)

Alright, I had an encounter at the public park......."sigh".......Why can't people leave me be? I was standing out of the way!! And it's strange that the only people who try to talk to me are older guys who can juggle 3 balls for 2 seconds, and girls who are wandering around just being your average American.......I shouldn't juggle in public parks anymore....However, today I took orins advice and I actually was polite and I didn't con my way out of it........."cough" "cough"........Here's what went down.

Random person: "oh my gawd how many balls are you juggling????"
Ethan: "7!!"
Random person: "wow, that's really cool!!"
Ethan: "thanks"
Ethan thinks to himself: "damn, people are impressed easily"
Random person: "I wish I could juggle....But I have really bad hand eye coordination...."
Ethan: "I doubt it!" *throws random a ball and random catches it*

And then for the next 13 mins I taught random how to juggle 3 balls!! I think I broke a record, because she got 5 catches within 10 mins!!! I wonder if Anthony Gatto was able to juggle 3 balls within a few seconds???

Total practice time: 200 minutes

Location: home, park

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