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9th February 2016

Stephen Meschke

# dwell time, 60 minutes

I decided to look at cadence.

Cadence is the time between the last two throws (in frames which are 1/120th sec.).

Gallop is the absolute change is cadence.

The pattern looks noticeably cleaner when cadence is around 25 and gallop is <5.

A cadence of 25 corresponds to 288 throws per minute:

120 frames per second divided by 25 frames = 4.8 throws per second

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Linux

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6th February 2016

Stephen Meschke

# dwell time, 50 minutes

Using Python to analyze dwell time

I used OpenCV and Python to analyze dwell times for right and left hands.

Dwell Time Graph:

This is the output:

LEFT Hand Max Dwell Time 42
LEFT Hand Min Dwell Time 31
LEFT Hand Average Dwell Time 37.7647058824
RIGHT Hand Max Dwell Time 43
RIGHT Hand Min Dwell Time 31
RIGHT Hand Average Dwell Time 36.6176470588

Those numbers are in 1/120ths of a second. I am interested in the relative dwell times, so I didn't bother converting to milliseconds.

link to code:

Total practice time: 50 minutes

Location: Linux

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