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23rd March 2014


# 2ball stack, contact juggling basics, accuracy, 3 balls, 5 balls preperation, 5 balls, 4 balls, 164 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 44:57: 29

Spent the first half an hour working on throwing technique, the 2ball stack (Something new i thought i'd try out) And contact juggling basics; I practiced rolling a ball down my left and right arm, and also attempted balancing it at the end of my forearm, near by elbow. I can do it a bit on my right arm, but my left arm still isn't use to it.

I spent the rest of my time later, working on bettering my columns, and working on some cool tricks. First i worked the 4ball windmill, something new that i think i understand now, but can't completely do. After that i worked on the 3ball mills mess flash, which felt like the 4ball windmill, without a 4th ball. Then I worked on the inverted shower and cherry picker. Today went relatively well. Getting stuff done and going for a nature walk,(which by the way was great, it wasn't too cold nor hot, and the wind was a perfect breeze, it felt good getting out) i think, are the reasons why. :)

Total practice time: 164 minutes

Location: Home

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