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29th June 2015


# running, parallettes, chin bar, skipping, 30 minutes

Sun behind stratus cloud. Lucky.

Over the last few days I've still been juggling, but so intermittently it never felt log worthy. Mostly 4b mm.

After my last logged juggling session, unsurprisingly I found it difficult to juggle. LOLZ. However I still kept up the running and have still been doing runs of ~2k, at least once every day bar one day, since the 18th (11 days, 12 runs).

This had been so far, good, but I got a mild twinge in my right Achilles today and should probably rest tomorrow. (probably shouldn't have stretched immediately before running)

The parallettes and Chin up bar have seen use, although my upper body isn't up to serious continuous exercise on them, but they should help me get stronger. Got to be careful about pulling ab muscles though, as I seem to be a bit careless at this whatever piece of equipment I use.

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: quarry

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