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15th February 2016


# balancing, head bounce, 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, 6 balls, 7 balls, 8 balls, 9 balls, 10 balls, bounce passing, 120 minutes

Went through almost all of the ball practice stuff. Generally, spins, ass catch, kicks and bxx bad, balance, overheads and shower good.

Find it hard to see the balls in the Romford hall for spins, but got a really smooth 3b whirlwind. Still can't do bxx with balance. Neck a bit stiff for the head bounce.

Throws terrible for 4b 360s and 720s need to work on those tomorrow. Got 2 rounds 552 bxx easily on first attempt, should try more. 4 up overhead async felt very doable. 5b bxx improved but still not good- need more flexibility in left shoulder. 5b overheads were awesome- got in from cascade first time, ran it while chatting with Tom then transitioned out. Then 40+ clean, then couple of attempts at 3 up 360 into overheads. 35 catches 5b shower first time, then b171. Balance pretty good, several runs ~50 then tried (6x,4)* which is impossible (can catch 6xs but not 4s).

Good runs of 6b sync and async, qualified clean with club balance easily. 70+ catches isolated. Several good feeling ~50 runs with 7b, then (8x,6)*. Good looking 8b async. Tried 9b with gballz only, not bad but only a few rethrows. 10b async starting RH- maybe 4 or 5 attempts improving each time.

Bounce passing with Dave K. 10bb 2 count started badly but improved pattern massively after 5 min. Need to use the bounce room more often for solo stuff.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Romford juggling club

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16th July 2015


# head bounce, 5 balls, 7 balls, bounce balls, bounce passing, 120 minutes

Last Chelmsford session before they break for summer. Head bounce to start. Felt really good. Very close to 5 catches several times, with little movement.

Overheads good. Thought I might finally break 50, but it didn't happen. Backcrosses feeling better today. Close to 5 catches back to pattern several times.

Short 7 balls before we had a break for cake. Half-decent patterns mostly, but struggled to get over 50 clean. Got about 60 in the end.

Quick filmed go at 5 ball lift bounce endurance after the break. Max about 40 seconds with Dave's silicones, but a good pattern generally.

Bounce passing with Dave for the last 20 minutes. All 1-count as usual- working up to 13. Several good runs of 9, just silly mistakes meant we didn't quite get to 200 passes. Around 60-70 passes of 11, but a really good pattern.

A few attempts at 13 at the end- me launching 7 from my right, which was exciting. Tried to film it, but ran out of memory on my phone- definitely need a gopro or something. Start felt surprisingly doable, but may want to be a bit further apart and go slower if we want to get runs. Need to film us and compare to people who can actually do it...

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Chelmsford juggling club

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