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21st November 2015

Oscar Lindberg

# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, 6 balls, 7 balls, bounce juggling, 65 minutes

Force bounced with 3 62mm MMX1 balls on a mattress!! I got like 12-13 catches at best. Also did some other cool bounce tricks. (5 mins or so)

Then I went back to normal juggling and another practice session standing on knees:
3b: Bxs felt really bad. But behind the head throws is improving a lot.
4b: Over 50 catches with overheads. Don't remember how much over 50 though, could have been over 60. This was in async, but sync felt ok too, need to practice that more though.
3-5b: Practiced break-downs and build-ups!
With break-downs I mean: Putting away one ball on my bed and continuing the pattern with one ball less.
With build-ups I mean: Practicing picking one up from bed and practicing kicking one up with my foot. I used two methods of the foot kick today! The second one was new when going from 4 to 5b.
Earlier I have done 1. PICKING one up from the foot.
Now I also practiced 2. THROWING one up with my foot directly to my hand.
6b:: Got over 50 catches once (async), felt great! Sync and wimpy also good. Want to practice 6 more. I absolutely believe I can do over 100 catches this year if I just focus on it more.
7b: Practiced launches with 4 balls in left hand.

Total practice time: 65 minutes

Location: Home - indoors

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25th January 2015


# juggling club, bounce juggling, foot balance, kickup, 90 minutes

Still recovering from minor operation, so I didn't have full use of my arms. So I brought bounce balls and one club for balancing only! I got a kickup into a foot balance that was pretty sweet....and some new 3-ball-bounce combinations. Some work on perfecting 5-ball lift bounce.

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: Boulder Circus Center

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