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16th July 2015


# head bounce, 5 balls, 7 balls, bounce balls, bounce passing, 120 minutes

Last Chelmsford session before they break for summer. Head bounce to start. Felt really good. Very close to 5 catches several times, with little movement.

Overheads good. Thought I might finally break 50, but it didn't happen. Backcrosses feeling better today. Close to 5 catches back to pattern several times.

Short 7 balls before we had a break for cake. Half-decent patterns mostly, but struggled to get over 50 clean. Got about 60 in the end.

Quick filmed go at 5 ball lift bounce endurance after the break. Max about 40 seconds with Dave's silicones, but a good pattern generally.

Bounce passing with Dave for the last 20 minutes. All 1-count as usual- working up to 13. Several good runs of 9, just silly mistakes meant we didn't quite get to 200 passes. Around 60-70 passes of 11, but a really good pattern.

A few attempts at 13 at the end- me launching 7 from my right, which was exciting. Tried to film it, but ran out of memory on my phone- definitely need a gopro or something. Start felt surprisingly doable, but may want to be a bit further apart and go slower if we want to get runs. Need to film us and compare to people who can actually do it...

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Chelmsford juggling club

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