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31st May 2014


# ball and clubs, 120 minutes

just playing around a little bit
my db97531s are pretty consistent which means that i land every third or second try, 7ups too
i am pretty solid with 5 balls while balancing a club on my nose and also got some qualifies with 5 clubs and a 6th one on my nose, i hope to be able to get 50+ catches soon ;)
6 club fountain also pretty consistent, the 9555 into 75 takes rarely more than 4 or 5 tries and i was also very close to landing a 9645 into 75 with the 4 as a flat throw
7 clubs is getting better over the time, i can get 20 catches within few attempts and the pattern seems to be quite stable, hope to get to 100 catches with 7 before 2015 :D

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: stay rebel festival chemnitz

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