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15th April 2016


# Backcrosses, 360, 720, 60 minutes

So I started working on my backcrosses again (5 balls.)
I managed to land a few 1 high 4 low into backcrosses and I am now consistently landing a standard 5 up 360 into backcrosses. I got a pretty clean 2 stage 720 with 6 balls and I also landed a pretty nice blind catch out of 6. I qualified the 6 ball pattern after the blind catch and then finished the run with a 6 up 360. I will also be working on 10 balls again some time next month.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Tayport

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17th December 2015

Brook Roberts

# 5 clubs, 5 balls, backcrosses, 75 minutes

Half an hour on 5 ball backcrosses. Did all my exercises with <5 - 51 both ways went well, 51512 went well. 53, 534 552 all ran, and got two rounds of 55550. For 5, things were good, I'm getting into the rhythm and far more importantly managing to drag catches back to throwing position. Broke my record and got 8 catches. Made 10 good throws multiple times - it's not often I break a record like this and feel disappointed! Qualify should happen in next 2 sessions.

Similar stuff with 5 club backcrosses, went ok, rhythm for 5 has improved thanks to cross training, although actual throws a bit off. No record this time.

To make up for issues with 5c bx, did triples (okish), singles (meh, but only 1 try), 88441 (made lots of good attempts, but took quite a few before back to pattern) and 97531 (cleaned it up, went well, kept 9 very floaty, and 5 too low seems to actually make it easier to get back to pattern).

Total practice time: 75 minutes

Location: West Cambridge Sports Centre

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20th September 2014


# backcrosses, 80 minutes

Backcross and shoulder throw practice.

So close to 3 up 360 in backcrosses- fingertips on the first ball several times. Pushed a bit hard because it felt so close, but I got tired and my technique got worse :(
Need to improve the spin and keep my arms in, but not at the expense of the last throw. Concentrate on technique and I'll get there soon.

Getting into a good rhythm with scissors. Mustn't rush things and push for a 360 too early though.

Shoulder throws terrible again on my right, but made progress by the end. Just need to focus on technique more and don't worry about the catches.

5 ball exercises bad today, but improved when I focused on keeping my elbows out and using more wrist, Gatto style.

Total practice time: 80 minutes

Location: Garden

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13th September 2014


# backcrosses, 70 minutes

Backcross and shoulder throw practice.

Very close to 3 up in bxx, relaxed and didn't try to blast the throws high.

Backcrosses went well. Shoulder throws were terrible. Right handed throws need much more work. They go too low and forwards. Probably too much movement- need more wrist in the throw for them to go more vertical and out.

Total practice time: 70 minutes

Location: Garden

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